NHL Hockey

The thrill you get with hockey tickets is something in a class by itself. The intensity of NHL hockey is beyond that of almost every other sport. 

NHL Playoffs

At the end of the regular season, each division sends the three teams with the best record to the playoffs, along with two wild cards for each conference. That makes a total of 16 teams playing for a chance to bring home Lord Stanley's Cup. Once the playoffs start, the team with the best record plays the team with the worst record, the second best record the second-worst and so on. Once the first round is over, the second round again matches the remaining teams so that the team with the best record again plays the team with the worst. After that, it’s on to the Eastern and Western Conference Championships leading to Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup Finals

Perhaps the most intense seven-game series in sports, the Stanley Cup Finals really stand alone in terms of how much it demands of the team. Every possession is do or die and the difference between winning and losing can be razor-thin. The crowd at a Stanley Cup Finals game is as intense as you will find, and seeing your team win it all is something that you will remember forever. The team that wins the seven-game series has the honor of hoisting the Lord Stanley Cup, the oldest trophy in American sports and one that comes with great honor for any player who earns it. Should your team make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, you do not want to miss seeing the game in person.

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