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2018-2019 Edmonton Oilers Schedule

The 2018 Edmonton Oilers NHL season is here and tickets are moving fast right now! You can find the best Oilers tickets right here for each and every game of 2018. That of course includes the biggest games, like games against the Calgary Flames and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The challenge this year will be to keep their momentum going all season long. There has been some big investment in the team recently, and even the area around the stadium has seen some huge improvements. Hopes are high in the Oilers locker room, so expect these players to be a competitive and talented bunch. The Oilers will rely on their speed and youth this season, which could challenge some of the slower teams in the league. If the defense holds up and the club can avoid any huge injuries, the Oilers could be a force in the Pacific Division.

Tickets are always in high demand for Oilers Flames hockey games for a front row seat to see the continuation of the Battle of Alberta. Big-time fans know that the two teams were the NHL's elite during the 1980s, with one of the two teams winning it all in six of seven seasons. Oilers vs Kings tickets are also always in high demand, and the youth on both teams will likely see that trend continue. It could be an exiting season for Oilers fans, so get your Edmonton Oilers tickets now.

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