NBA Basketball

The 2018-2019 NBA schedule release is here! Fans cannot wait to see what the upcoming NBA season has in store. This past offseason was one of the most exciting that the sport has ever seen. LeBron James is officially a Los Angeles Laker, and the juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors found a way to bolster one of the best rosters ever assembled. See the best basketball players in the world hit the court for the upcoming season. Get tickets to see your favorite NBA team in action! 

NBA Playoffs

After a full NBA regular season, basketball shifts to the postseason, when the stakes are raised and every possession counts. Each conference sends eight teams total, with their record determining their playoff seed. The NBA team with the best regular season gets the "#1 seed," while the team with the worst record is the "8 seed." The #1 seed plays the #8 seed, the #2 seed plays the #7, the #3 plays the #6, and the #4 and #5 all play in a best of five series. At the end of the first round, the seeds are again re-arranged, with the team with the best record again playing the team with the worst record that survived the first round, and so on, this time in a seven-game series. After the second round, there are just two teams remaining in the East and the West, and they face off in the NBA Conference Finals game. And once the NBA Conference playoffs are decided, it’s on to the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are the culmination of a whole season of NBA basketball and the final four-to-seven games are the most competitive basketball you will see. The best NBA team in each conference goes at it to take home the Larry O'Brien Trophy, and the intensity of an NBA Finals game is off the charts. All of the grueling battles boil down to one final series, and it’s time to put up or shut up; in some cases, players’ performances in the NBA Finals will define their careers. Ticket prices for the NBA Finals can get pretty expensive, but if you can find a good deal of tickets through Ticket Liquidator.

The Harlem Globetrotters

No matter the circumstances, a game of basketball is a good time, and sometimes it’s better to make it about the fun rather than the competition. No one knows how to make a game of hoops more mathematically entertaining than the Harlem Globetrotters. The Harlem Globetrotters have been entertaining audiences for decades with wild antics and high-flying basketball fun. These guys might be just as talented as NBA players, but their skillset goes well beyond putting up the winning score, and they know that pleasing you, the audience member, is a goal of far greater importance than winning. The Globetrotters provide a show that you don't want to miss, so get your tickets when they visit your town.

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