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Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold “WorldWired 2017 North American Tour

It’s official: Metallica is rockin’ out through 2017. After releasing their 2016 album Hardwired… To Self Destruct, rumors arose regarding an upcoming tour. Then, their 2017 Grammys performance with Lady Gaga peaked interest in a potential string of shows. Sure enough, Metallica released their summer 2017 concert tour schedule the day following the Grammys.

“WorldWired 2017 North American Tour” begins in May and goes until August. Openers include Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Gojira. The tour extends from the U.S. to Canada. On the band’s website, Metallica remarked that this is their first extended tour in the U.S. and Canada since 2009. The concert venues are mostly stadiums with a few festival dates in the mix including Rock the Range. See Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and the rest of the band live!

Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. She then announced her “Joanne World Tour” the following day. The tour goes from August until December 2017. It hits famous ballparks as well as indoor stadiums. The European leg extends from mid-September until the end of October in addition to scattered Canadian concerts. After her tremendous Halftime Show, Lady Gaga promises nothing less than to wow and entertain her audiences.

Lady Gaga released Joanne in 2016. The album swerved away from her pop, electronic dance sound and towards a soft rock. Joanne reveals Gaga’s personal, vulnerable state, as the album was named after her deceased aunt who passed away from lupus at a young age. Her Aunt Joanne was also a sexual assault survivor, and Lady Gaga’s real name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, references her aunt.

U2 “The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary World Tour”

U2 announced their “The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary World Tour” at the start of 2017. The summer tour goes from May until early August, hitting U.S., Canada, and Europe. The openers of the tour are almost as big at the concert headliner. Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, OneRepublic, and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are the openers set to come on tour for certain sections.

The famous Irish band explained in interviews that they are touring for the 30th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree. The Joshua Tree, much like a lot of U2’s music, holds a social stance and political agenda. U2 is known for their liberal viewpoint and charitable contributions. Due to recent events, band members explained that the state of the world isn’t so different than when the album was first released thirty years ago. Therefore, as a celebration of The Joshua Tree’s excellence and message, they are touring for the anniversary.

U2 is also rumored to release Songs of Experience this year, the follow up album to Songs of Innocence from 2015. The “iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour” followed the last album release, so expect a potential next tour after this summer route if the new album drops.

Red Hot Chili Peppers “The Getaway World Tour”

Red Hot Chili Peppers are into their 2017 “The Getaway World Tour.” The tour’s concerts go until July, finishing up in Italy after a long U.S. run. The band released The Getaway last year, and the tour is named after the album. Hear hits like “Scar Tissue” and more along with newer material. The reviews so far are fantastic.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood “Garth Brooks World Tour”

Even since Garth Brooks returned to touring, he won’t quit. Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood keep adding concerts to his “Garth Brooks World Tour,” and the fans keep coming! The couple released Christmas Together in late 2016, and they have tour dates scheduled throughout a chunk of 2017. Brooks and Yearwood schedule stints in certain cities and take breaks in between. This is opposed to different cities every night like many other tours. This way, the couple travels less but still performs a large number of concerts.

Brooks released Gunslinger in 2016, his first original album in years. Therefore, upcoming concerts can expect to be a range of old fan favorites and newer material. Put on your cowboy hat or boots (or both!) and see one of the best-selling country artists of all time. 

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