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Trans-Siberian Orchestra will set out on their 2018 Winter Tour. This year's Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour is based on "The Ghost of Christmas Eve," a multi-platinum DVD and PBS fundraiser. The Winter Tour plot will follow the adventures of a runaway who finds herself in a theater looking for a warm place to rest. The runaway begins to have visions as she experiences the concert hall's history. Songs include TSO classics like "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24," "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Good King Joy," "Music Box Blues," and "This Christmas Day." Last year's tour grossed over $51 million, playing in front of nearly 1 million fans. The crowd-pleasing rock sound and incredible Broadway story telling is nothing short of spectacular! Come see why Billboard ranked TSO among the "Top Touring Artists of The Decade."

The 2018 TSO Winter Tour will be performed all across North America, so check out the 2018 TSO Winter Tour schedule, find your seats, and buy your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets today!

About Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets are a unique treat during the holiday season and have become a tradition for many families around the country. Trans-Siberian Orchestra usually embarks on an annual winter tour, and you're invited! This group of talented musicians aren't your typical classical symphony. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, or TSO as they are commonly called, is a rock orchestra combining rhythms and sounds from heavy metal with classical instrumentation. TSO tickets have become a fun holiday family tradition for all of their fans, and is very popular during the Christmas season.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was founded in 1996 in NYC by a group of composers and heavy metal artists. Named after the Trans-Siberian Railway, TSO was not very well received at first. Classical music critics weren't ready to accept holiday-themed music performed in a heavy metal/rock opera style. However, soon enough TSO became popular with audiences both young and old due to their powerfully symphonic and magical sound, making TSO one of the hottest holiday shows around.

Since their formation, TSO has released five studio albums featuring their haunting, one-of-a-kind compositions. Currently, TSO boasts 34 orchestra members, with 16 vocalists, 16 instrumentalists, and 2 narrators, making TSO tour dates some of the largest spectacles of the year. TSO concerts evoke the foundations of human emotions and bring out the spirit of the holiday season with a unique style and grace. If you need a dose of holiday spirit then Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets are just what you need! Find yours now right here at Ticket Liquidator.

Beethoven's Last Night

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra have taken the term rock opera to a whole new level. With a spectacular pyrotechnic and laser-light show and a prog-rock band with 18 singers, TSO melds classical with rock and storytelling in a seamless blend of Rock Theatre. In one of their most popular performances, Beethoven's Last Night, Ludwig von Beethoven is confronted by Mephistopheles over the body of his unpublished Tenth Symphony and the two bargain over Beethoven's soul. You've got to see it to believe it. Take a chance and be blown away!

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