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7 Reasons You Should Have a Big Game Party (Even If You Don't Care About Football)

When I'm asked whether I want to have a party for the Big Game, I'm usually pretty torn. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, and I sure enjoy eating, but I would almost rather watch nothing than have football on the TV. I don't actively dislike football--I just don't care. The more I think about it, though, the more attractive the idea becomes. Whether or not you're into what's happening on the field, throwing a little shindig could just be in your best interest. Here's why:

Why a Big Game Party is a Good Idea for Everyone:

(1) It's an excuse to indulge in delicious foods. The way I understand it, you can eat anything you want on the day of the big game and calories, saturated fat, carbs, and any other no-nos don't count. Bring on the buffalo wings, 7-layer dip, pizza, jalapeno poppers, and anything covered in (or stuffed with) cheese.

(2) It's an excuse to actually see your friends. How many times have you wanted to get all your closest friends together but nobody has any of the same nights or weekends free? Chances are all or most of your friends won't have other plans on Game Day, so it's the perfect time to corral them.

(3) It's an excuse to chef out. If you're like me, the kitchen is your domain, but you don't want to go all out and cook anything too complicated if you're going to be the only one eating it. While it isn't a good idea to test new recipes on guests (in case anything should go wrong), this is the perfect place to flex your culinary muscles.

(4) It's an excuse to drink. if I ever needed an excuse...

(5) It's an excuse to get "your turn" over with easily. Think about it: If you have everyone over and shove some beer and chips under them, then the next special occasion is their responsibility, and chances are it will be a much more high-maintenance affair. Score.

(6) It's an excuse to eat for cheap (or free). This one's for the thrifty types: You could always generously offer your home as the venue for the viewing party but ask guests to bring a food item or beverage, and then you eat and drink for next to nothing!

(7) It's an excuse to PAR-TAY. Who cares what the party is for? If you don't want to watch the game, then play some handheld video games, play with the dog, or volunteer to hang out with the kids (they do say the darndest things). You still get to eat, drink, and be merry!

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