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I Hate Disco. Or, not, apparently.

December 4, 2013

I went dancing with some friends a few weeks ago. There was a local band playing called the Dyn-O-Myte Disco Review. And they were awesome.

For a little background, the Dyn-O-Myte Disco Review is a show band. They dress in authentic disco-era outfits and reproduce those 70's hits so well that, if you close your eyes, you'll think you're listening to Kool & the Gang, Gloria Gaynor, or maybe K.C. & the Sunshine Band (who played at my highschool grad night). We all had an absolute blast.

Now, the thing is, I never liked disco, even when it was in its heyday. I started college the same year Saturday Night Fever came out, and I freely admit to wearing a lot of polyester. But I was a blues, jazz and rock and roll girl. Disco was, in my opinion, fake, plastic, too commercial, and overly produced. Okay, so it had a danceable beat--even I admitted that--but for dancing, I preferred more funk-centric bands like Earth Wind, Fire and Tower of Power and Wild Cherry.

Apparently, however, disco got into my head while I wasn't paying attention. I knew every word to every song. I knew the musical breaks. Had I wanted to, I could have done a fair job playing air guitar.

On the way home, I discussed the phenomena with my friends. With the exception of one friend (who actually admitted loving disco back in the day), we'd all experienced more or less the same thing. We had all, somehow, just absorbed the music. Was it because we were been teenagers when the genre first became popular? And that brought up another question:

Do we all love the music of our high school and college years best?

I went on line and researched this question. The answer was almost universally, "Yes." I say almost because I read one really entertaining blog by Steve Wiley who, after attending his 30-year highschool reunion, affirmed that the music of his high school years was indeed as terrible as he remembered.

In a recent burst of nostalgia, I loaded up my playlist with albums that I originally bought on vinyl during my late high-school, early college era. Although the hit songs cycle through the oldies station I sometimes listen to, I hadn't heard alot of the "b-side" songs for years. This has resulted in a lot of driving-down-the-highway-singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs action.

I work in the entertainment industry, so I listen to and love a lot of new acts. But nothing really makes me just feel happy the way these old songs do.

How about you? Are the songs of your teen years still your favorites?

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