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Justin Timberlake and Jay Z announced they are planning a “Suit and Tie”-themed amusement park in the wake of their collaboration on Timberlake’s comeback single. Although it was dismissed as “banal” and “porny” by some critics, “Suit and Tie” went on to have the highest first-week plays total in pop chart history and became one of Timberlake’s highest-selling singles. Following their success with the single along with impressive ticket sales for their Legends of the Summer tour, the theme park will be named The 20/20 Experience after the Timberlake album of the same name and the first 1000 entrants will receive free eye exams upon arrival. Rumors of a fourth Blueprint album from Jay Z were actually referring to leaked blueprints for the project which feature cigar and whiskey experts along with 40/40 Clubs stationed throughout the park. Co-owners of MySpace Specific Media Group will also be involved in financing the park which features several themed attractions. Descriptions and images from leaked documents related to the project appear below.

Suit and Tie Sh*t

Park attendees have the option to be fitted for suits, ties or tuxedos for no reason.


Visitors can select one of three vehicles (Maybach, Mercedes Benz or limousine) in which to roam the park popping bottles and searching for supermodels while being chased by paparazzi in a Grand Theft Auto-style RPG experience.

“Poppin’ bottles, puttin’ supermodels in the cab”

American Gangster

There are several “missions” park attendees can choose from including the “American Gangster” experience which will simulate the rise of a drug cartel and gang war between ticket holders whose goal is to smuggle illicit drugs through tunnels located beneath park grounds.

“Look ma, 20 keys!”

Roc-a-Fella Family Feud

Park-goers will run a record label and dodge drive-bys from rival producers.


In this area, ticket holders become angel investors in an obsolete social media company while evading hordes of undead underground musicians trying to give them mixtapes.

“Not 'The MySpace,' just 'MySpace.'”

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