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After a ferocious play in-round complete with a shocking upset, the field is set for Ticket Liquidator's first ever Concert Madness Tournament. The Tournament pits artists likely to go on tour this summer in a NCAA Tournament-styled battle to find out who you are most excited to see during this summer's concert season. Thanks to everyone who voted in the play-in round, and be sure to check the TL Facebook Page every weekday going forward to vote for who you are most excited to see on tour.

After selecting the 20 biggest artists likely to be on tour this summer, we counted on you to cull the field down to 16 performers in a "play-in" round. The play-in matchups saw Barry Manilow beat out El Divo, perhaps with a touch of "Magic." The play-in round wasn't so sweet for Neil Diamond, as he lost to Roger Waters and his The Wall tour. In the competition that garnered the biggest response from fans, Fleetwood Mac beat out the Beach Boys to prove once and for all the 70's were better than the 60s. And in perhaps the biggest upset of the play-in games, Jason Aldean beat out The Brothers of the Sun Tour featuring Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, garnering more than twice as many votes. Our ticket sales data tells us Jason Aldean has become one of the biggest stars in country music, but to see it play out before our eyes on Facebook proves Aldean has arrived.

The first matchup of the tournament features Lady Gaga taking on Jason Aldean, fresh over his play-in win over the Brothers of the Sun Tour. You can start voting on who you want to see right now. After taking out not one but two of the biggest names in country music, can Aldean take on arguably the biggest star on the planet in Gaga? A 16 seed win over a first seed has never happened in the real NCAA Tournament, but a four seed over a one seed? It could happen. Be sure to vote for who you are most excited to see on tour this summer and tune in everyday to see the new matchup.

Without further ado, here's the official Ticket Liquidator Concert Madness Tournament bracket:

Concert Madness Bracket

As you can see we're in store for some very interesting matchups. Radiohead vs. Rolling Stone pits two of the biggest bands of their generation, forcing rock and rollers against each other. The Red Hot Chili Peppers against Fleetwood Mac will be another intergenerational rock and roll battle. Seeing how Ozzy Osbourne handles Barbra Streisand will be a fun matchup to watch, as both have millions of devoted fans from as wide an age range as you can have. Yes there are going to be some interesting matchups during the next few weeks, and that's just the first round! Who knows what wacky and wild games we'll see as the tournament progresses. We can't wait to see who is still standing as we make it to the Final Four, and what artists comes out on top as the most popular tour of the summer.


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