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Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Tuesday 12/1/2020 TBA | 2 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Friday 7/16/2021 @6:30 PM | 1,616 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Saturday 7/17/2021 @4:00 PM | 916 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Sunday 7/18/2021 @4:00 PM | 828 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Wednesday 8/4/2021 @6:30 PM | 1,694 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Thursday 8/5/2021 @5:00 PM | 530 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Saturday 8/7/2021 @7:30 PM | 671 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Sunday 9/12/2021 @6:00 PM | 775 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Tuesday 9/14/2021 @6:30 PM | 1,826 tickets left
Fenway Park - Boston, MA
Postponed TBA | 398 tickets left

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Get some Fenway Park tickets today and get into the most historic ballpark in baseball. Fenway Park is an icon, and even causal baseball fans know about it. You can see the Green Monster and Pesky Pole in person and get your Fenway Park tickets before its too late.

About Fenway Park Tickets

Opening in 1921, Fenway Park is the oldest of all major league stadiums. Park Ownership has dedicated itself to revamping the baseball stadium and have committed to it for the foreseeable future. You can now buy Fenway Park tickets for sections that didn't even exist a decade ago. In recent years, they have steadily added more seats to Fenway Park, so that it is no longer the smallest MLB park. First, Green Monster Seats were added, then the .406 club was torn down and replaced with the luxurious EMC Club. A new rooftop seating area has also been added, all while improving the comfort for visitors and bringing the Fenway Park amenities up to the 21st centuries standards. With so many choices on the Fenway Park seating chart, finding a good place to watch some baseball should not be hard.

When it comes to historical baseball stadiums, you won't find a more storied ballpark in all the MLB than Boston's Fenway Park. It could be the most most hallowed ballpark in America, and some fans buy Red Sox tickets just to see the park. It really doesn't get much better than seeing a baseball game with Fenway Park tickets. If you've never been, you are missing out.

Starting with Green Monster seats, Fenway has some of the best seats in all of sports. The Green Monster could be the most recognizable feature in baseball, and it has as many stories to tell as home runs that have sailed over it. Some lucky fans get Fenway Park tickets and sit where Carlton Fisk went deep in Game Six of the 1975 World Series. A few Yankees fans lucky enough to get into Fenway Park saw Aaron Boone do the opposite in 2003. Fenway Park also saw the miraculous comebacks of the incredible 2004 Red Sox season and "the steal." Night after night of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez home runs electrified the crowd of Fenway Park ticket holders. Since those times, Fenway Park has continued to witness incredible baseball moments, and the numerous quaint aspects of the park continue to inspire awe in visitors of all ages. In 2007, NBC's Today Show named Fenway Park one of the "Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in America." A park like this is really special, so get some Fenway Park tickets today and see what all the talk is about.

Other Events at Fenway Park

In addition to housing the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park hosts a number of other exciting sporting events. The stadium has hosted the MLB All-Star Game and also had the New England Patriots and the Boston Redskins play home games there for a period. Fenway also plays host to a baseball version of the famous Boston Beanpot Tournament. The Park also hosts the annual Futures at Fenway games, where the teams minor league affiliates play games. And in 2010, Fenway Park also hosted the Winter Classic with the Boston Bruins facing the Philadelphia Flyers. And those are just the sports events hosted at Fenway!

More recently, Fenway Park has become a rock star destination. In 2003, the park welcomed Bruce Springsteen, and a year later Jimmy Buffett tickets for Fenway were on sale. In the years since, the ballpark has also hosted world-class concerts by The Rolling Stones, The Police, Paul McCartney, and Pearl Jam, among others.

And it's not only sports and rock and roll that have history at Fenway Park. In 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his last campaign speech at Fenway Park! All kinds of history has happened at Fenway Park, and more is surely to come. We've got all the Fenway tickets you could want, so get yours today and be a part of history!

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