UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship Schedule

      Since the early 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has dominated the market while earning the title of the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. The UFC was originally started by Art Davie, a prominent advertising executive, and Rorion Gracie, a noted master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It took a while for the sport to get off the ground, but with ticket sales ascending to new heights, the promotion has surpassed boxing as the forefront of the fighting world. The goal of the UFC was to find the “Ultimate Fighting Champion” through an innovative concept of producing tournaments with the athletes who knew how to throw and survive the deadliest blows, and allowing them to do it in almost any fashion they pleased. These skilled competitors would be trained in a vast array of disciplines spanning the spectrum of martial arts. The fighting styles include Karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and sumo as well as other combat styles with worldwide origins.

      The early UFC tournaments ignored all traditional rules and branded themselves as raw fighting. This proved to be a large selling point for many pay-per-view audiences. Nothing would be considered illegal; from hair pulling to head butts, the combatants would endure it all in bloody conflicts. As UFC became a legitimate sporting event, they decided to drop the “no holds barred” label, and instead carry the banner of mixed martial arts. With more effective marketing, the UFC began to grow to new levels of popularity, prompting charismatic and skillful stars such as Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz to emerge, while borrowing the promotional and storytelling techniques of professional wrestling to establish feuds between fighters.

      Popularity for the UFC has skyrocketed. One example of its dynamic allure was at UFC 129, which featured Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario. The event sold out 55,000 tickets for gate revenues exceeding $11 million, shattering previous MMA attendance and gate records in North America. Last year, on the eve of UFC 154, Dana White confirmed that the UFC will feature women’s MMA with t Ronda Rousey now being the most recognizable face in the industry. Under the strong leadership of owners Lorenzo Fertitta, Frank Fertitta III and President Dana White, the UFC brand continues to thrive across a spectrum of live event sports and television production.

      The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) story is a long and grinding one, but UFC tickets, War MMA tickets and MMA tickets in general are now a commonly sought item for fans of live events. This is teeth-smashing, knuckle-bruising action; your tickets to UFC will put you through an adrenaline trip like no other. Since rebranding itself as MMA, UFC has gained an element of respectability and provides some gloss on the raw animal aggression that fuels the sport. But once the fighters are in the cage and the fists and feet are flying, the atmosphere is primal and everyone's fired up. Buy MMA tickets now and see this violent and savage spectacle for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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