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Taylor Swift Concert Tour

Taylor Swift tickets are among the most popular concert tickets of 2018. The blonde Pennsylvanian native has proven to be a crossover success; promoters and fans are equally happy that she has fully transitioned over to the pop genre with her 2014 album 1989. A Taylor Swift concert ticket has been the coveted item for young girls and adults alike. She is one of the female successes in the music industry to date, and her mega success across the country and pop genre have demonstrated a new level of stardom. Don't hesitate to purchase a ticket to one of her shows! The response to a Taylor Swift concert tour is truly massive.

About Taylor Swift

Reputation Album (2017) and Tour

In August 2017, Swift announced that her new album Reputation would drop on November 10th.

1989 Album (2014) and the "1989 World Tour" (2015)

1989 won the 2015 Grammy for Album for the Year against strong competition such as hip-hop mega-shark Kendrick Lamar. This album was the epicenter of Taylor Swift's pop genre transition. Her image was completely renovated; her songs lost the last traces of a country twang; her attitude demanded the attention of an "I'm grown up now" Taylor who was pushing the dating spotlight aside with her maintained single status. The hit singles "Shake It Off" and "Welcome to New York" tackled her midtwentysomething approach on life, where haters are ignored, and a city can artistically jumpstart inspiration. In addition, one of the most notable tracks is "Bad Blood," which describes a bad strife between Swift and another; its music video included many celebrities and sparked the discussion of Swift's "Squad." Her "1989 World Tour" was no different from the album's success. Rocking her straight pixie haircut (a far cry from the wild, curly lion's mane from her early country days), Swift sold out stadiums across the globe. Opening acts such as HAIM and Vance Joy created an upbeat, semi-indie prequel to her main show. In addition, Swift also gave way to career jump starters to other opening performers such as Shawn Mendes who sits comfortably in the pop realm.

Red Album (2012) and the "Red Tour" (2013-2014)

Red was Swift's last country album, and fans could sense her serious lean towards the pop genre even within these tracks. Hit singles from the album included "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Both got major playing time on the radio due to their get-stuck-in-your-head lyrics that caught fire. Swift has always had a good sense of direction in regards to releasing singles before an album; they are usually the more bubblegum, cutesy, or excitedly emotional tracks off her album in order to attract mainstream attention and begin the widespread anticipation for the rest of the album. "The Red Tour" took Swift's notable stadium performances to another level. She took on huge opening acts including Ed Sheeran, who was already extremely successful and featured on her sweet, slow song "Everything Has Changed." This monster of a lineup made way for Swift's future world tour endeavors with 1989.

Speak Now Album (2010) and the "Speak Now Tour" (2011-2012)

Taylor's Speak Now album spent 11 weeks at the top of the U.S. album chart, and her concert tour of the same name reflected this success, now Taylor's back with some new material, but the result is the same -- fantastic. The album was released in October 2010 and debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200. All fourteen songs on the album have been ranked on the Billboard Hot 100, lead by "Mine" at number three. Songs such as "Mine" kept the emotional lyrics regarding love-stricken situations at the forefront of the album. However, Swift also continued to push the upbeat, happy ending version of the relationship battles. It created her contrast of slow dramatic songs to lovey dovey ones; a formula that works well for the country star. Taylor Swift concerts presented a refreshingly modern format to young kids living with each foot in a different world: Virtual and Real. Between songs, a giant screen displayed texts sent to Taylor via a designated number. Taylor made a rousing speech to her largely female audience about the superficial culture we live in. She urged young girls not to develop a negative body image but to love themselves for their own individual talents. Teenagers absolutely lapped this up, and it was no surprise when Taylor Swift tickets became rarer than her growing Grammy collection.

Fearless Album (2008) and the "Fearless Tour" (2009-2010)

Fearless won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2009. The "Fearless Tour" was soon the leading trek not just in country music but in all concert tours in America; confirmation that Taylor's music and personality were a winning combination capable of conquering the world alone or together. The "Fearless Tour" is famous for her performance at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, as she continued to perform in the torrential downpour. It is the kind of magic you cannot make up when you talk about Taylor. Indeed, "Fearless" earned the title of most weeks ever at Number One for a female country performer, no mean feat in an age where young people needn't let the grass grow under their feet. It was obvious that America's Taylor Swift fans were passing on the good word and were happy to listen to Fearless for many weeks before even considering moving on. They knew that when they did, Taylor Swift's next album would be ready and a whole new concert experience would be waiting for them. Ask any young girl in America today for her Top 5 wish list, and somewhere in there, you'd find either Taylor Swift tickets, a Taylor Swift CD, or both.

Taylor Swift Album

The country singer first popped onto the charts with her hit single "Teardrops on my Guitar." It was a slow, somber love song regarding unrequited love of a good friend. It was everything that comprised the coming few years of Swift's future career. Taylor Swift let her emotions go through her lyrics. Fans began to expect personal storytelling from the songwriter herself, and Taylor Swift brought all of her teenage girl concerns to the forefront. Songs such as "Love Story" created an imaginary world where her and her true love could fight through anything. However, before her young and naive spirit was dismissed, Swift's first album also included "Fifteen." This track was wise beyond her years and discussed a guy's poor intentions with her friend, and it began her open music dialogue regarding losing innocence while growing up.

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