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During his Buffalo Springfield days, Young lent his expert guitar, harmonics, and distinctive lyrics to the band best known for the politically-charged "For What It's Worth," finding mainstream success with the release of Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again, and Last Time Around.

The tracks he worked on alone, however, were what defined his solo career. Songs like "Mr. Soul" and "Broken Arrow" served as a chronicle of the different songwriting approaches that Young would later infuse into his most popular work like "Rockin' in the Free World" (which Pearl Jam has famously covered at their concerts), "Old Man," "Harvest Moon," and "Heart of Gold," all of which would greatly influence subsequent generations of musicians.

From his involvement with Crazy Horse to becoming a significant addition to Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Neil Young forged onward with his career, writing deeply personal songs. He was never afraid of speaking his liberal political views, much like other singer-songwriters of his generation, including his friend and colleague Joni Mitchell. Frequently, addressing his views on the Kent State Massacre (later, the Tianenmen Square Massacre) in the song "Ohio", or his displeasure at the racism of the South during the Civil Rights Movement in the song "Southern Man," he became the center of controversy. Neil Young never had to advertise his concert tickets, as fans naturally lined up to hear his powerful and important music. Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote a response to "Southern Man," attacking Neil by name in their lyrics to the popular "Sweet Home Alabama," the song that's thought to have defined Southern rock.

Neil Young is a powerhouse -- one of the most influential and timeless songwriters of our time -- so it's really no surprise that Neil Young tickets are some of the hottest-selling tickets around. Even as the music industry is being whittled away by the hovering control of the monstrous record labels in the wake of the one-hit-wonder glossy cut-out American Idol era, the legendary Neil Young is still here to remind you what real music is. Neil Young concerts are honest and raw and that's truly what it's all about, and now you have another chance to see him live in concert. Fresh out of the studio with none other than Willie Nelson's sons, Young has just recorded a new album full of protest songs, calling out Monsanto, the chemical company known for GMOs, Starbucks, "Too Big to Fail" corporations, and more on The Monsanto Years. Don't miss hearing new and old Neil Young classics on his next tour!

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