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About Los Tigres del Norte

The legendary music group Los Tigres del Norte from Mexico is regarded as one of the most influential Mexican groups globally. Focusing on art in the form of Norteno, the group has grown to be a phenomenon amongst the Latino Immigrants in the country. Los Tigres del Norte Tickets are now on sale for their current tour all through August & early September. See the group that has been part of a generation for four decades and has been a source of inspiration for the immigrant community. It has also proved to be the voice of the immigrant community in the United States.

Los Tigres del Norte is a group of brothers that migrated from Mexico to the United States in 1968 and was discovered in 1971 by Jorge and Art Walker. They released their debut song: "Contrabando y Traicion" in 1974. Three decades later Los Tigres del Norte is a worldwide success and has thousands of fans all over! They have toured extensively all over the Americas and the world including Asia, Spain, Chile, Latin America and even Japan and Korea to perform for the US troops.

In the span of over four decades, the group has reached numerous milestones. They initiated a movement for a new generation of Latin performers and created an international genre of their own. Besides selling millions of albums, the band has won multiple Grammys Awards including Latin Grammys and other awards and has reigned on various popularity charts.

Titled as the "Godfathers" of the Norteno form of music, Los Tigres del Norte have gained immense respect over the years for their sincerity and humility. They are very active as the "voice of the people" and have taken lead with the "Great American Boycott," the largest protest rally organized by immigrants in Los Angeles. The Mexican group has enjoyed the support of their fans and has been honored time and again. Some of these bestowed honors include, "The Greatest Tribute to Los Tigres del Norte" – a collector's item album sung and compiled by various Mexican rock bands and a tribute at the 30th International Cervantes Festival, where the group shared the stage with other rock bands including Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, Carlos Santana and many more. Bottom line is that when you catch a Los Tigres del Norte concert you will see a great show.

Over the years, the group has contributed towards the musical art form with various musical albums and songs. Some of their popular albums include "La Reina Del Sur," "Historias Que Contar," and the very recent "Detalles y Emociones." Their work entwines various modern and traditional musical sounds with storytelling into very powerful songs, also traditionally known as "corridos." The group also better known as "The Tigers" use their music as a powerful vehicle to tell stories of the quest for truth, justice, challenges of immigrants and the working class often striking a chord of familiarity with the audience. The Tigers have never stepped on controversial paths, being responsible musicians by respecting women and never showcasing offensive or violent language or behavior in their performances.

The Tigers' latest album Detalles y Emociones is their latest release after their album in 2006. The group makes a comeback with 15 new songs that include ballads, corridos, cumbias, rancheras and focus on telling stories of the immigrant community. The album's first single "Detalles" made a bang on entry on the music charts. Other singles in the album include "El Muro," "Lágrimas de Sangre", "Un Hombre De Ley", "Corazón Herido", "Los Mal Portados", "América Central", "Cuidado Con la Mesera," each telling their own unique story of emotions. Be a part of this unique story telling experience, and sway with the musical melody of Los Tigres Del Norte. Buy Los Tigres Del Norte Tickets today!

Los Tigres del Norte Discography

1968: Juana La Traicionera/Por El Amor A Mis Hijos

1969: Sufro Porque Te Quiero/La Cochicuina

1970: Si,Si,Si/Chayo Chaires

1971: Cuquita

1972: El Cheque

1975: Contrabando Y Traición*

1976: Pueblo Querido

1976: La Banda Del Carro Rojo*

1976: Grandes Exitos De...

1977: Vivan Los Mojados

1978: Numero Ocho

1979: El Tahúr*

1980: Plaza Garibaldi

1981: ...Un Día A La Vez!

1982: Éxitos Para Siempre...

1983: Carrera Contra La Muerte (reissued in 2013 with songs)

1984: Jaula De Oro

1984: La Tumba Del Mojado - Internacionalmente Norteños

1985: A Ti Madrecita (reissued in 2015 with 4 new songs)

1987: Gracias!... América... Sin Fronteras (reissued in 2017 with songs)

1988: Ídolos Del Pueblo (last album with Lupe Olivo)

1989: Corridos Prohibidos (first album with Eduardo Hernández)

1989: Triunfo Sólido – Mi Buena Suerte

1990: Para Adoloridos

1991: Incansables!

1992: Con Sentimiento Y Sabor (Tan Bonita)

1992: Una Noche Con Los Tigres Del Norte

1993: La Garra De...

1994: Los Dos Plebes

1995: El Ejemplo (last album with Raul Hernández before becoming soloist)

1996: Unidos Para Siempre (first album with Luis Hernández & Guadalupe Olivo returning to the group)

1997: Jefe De Jefes

1998: Así Como Tú

1999: Herencia De Familia

2000: De Paisano A Paisano (last album with Lupe Olivo)

2001: Uniendo Fronteras

2002: La Reina Del Sur

2004: Pacto De Sangre

2005: Directo Al Corazón

2006: Historias Que Contar

2007: Detalles Y Emociones

2008: Raíces

2008: Tu Noche Con Los Tigres Del Norte

2009: La Granja

2010: La Granja: Secreta

2011: MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte And Friends

2012: La Bala

2013: Carrera Contra La Muerte (2013 Remasterizado)

2014: Realidades

2015: Desde El Azteca

2015: A Ti Madrecita (2015 Remasterizado)

2016: Ataud

2017: Gracias!... América... Sin Fronteras (2017 Remasterizado)

2018: Para Sacarte De Mi Vida

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