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Gorillaz is back on the road in 2018-2019 for The Now Now Tour, supporting their critically acclaimed album of the same name. If you're a Gorillaz fan, the time to see them is NOW NOW, since the band has hinted this could be their final tour.

About Gorillaz

At a time when band factories seem to be churning out carbon copies and modular bands, Gorillaz broke the mold. The brainchild of blur frontman Damon Albarn and "Tank Girl" comic artist Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz is the most successful virtual band of all time. The band, which consists of virtual characters, includes Stuart Tusspot, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs, Noodle and Cyborg Noodle all of whom were created by Hewlett. Each band member has their own fictional backstory and specializes in a particular instrument. The different phases of Gorillaz' existence is even more wondrous, making Gorillaz tickets one of the most sought after concert tickets today.

After the release of their first EP Tomorrow Comes Today in 2000, the band put out their debut self-titled LP including the chart-topping tracks "Tomorrow Comes Today," "19-2000," "Rock The House," and "Tomorrow Comes Today" According to the now defunct, UK-based, dance music magazine Muzik "Gorillaz" is "genre-splicing, sample-collaging, spiffed-out hip hop...standing head and shoulders over anything Blur have ever achieved." And Gorillaz tickets sales proved how great their impact was on the music industry. After various small releases and collaborations with the likes of D12 (without Eminem) "Phase One: Celebrity Takedown," a DVD featuring a tour of their virtual studio, music videos and some tracks, was unleashed to a receptive audience making Gorillaz tickets to following Gorillaz tours become so popular.

Gorillaz's second studio album Demon Days was released in 2005. According to Popmatters, "The point is, that even without words that mean much of anything, the music of Demon Days (of which those words are a significant part) is enough to evoke. What exactly it evokes is open for debate (even if the general undercurrent of impending dread is not), though trying to resolve that debate is proving to be one of the most unique pleasures the year has offered thus far. Demon Days is fantastic." Gorillaz tickets would sell out for a series of Gorillaz concert festivals and the Gorillaz would perform with a virtual Madonna at the 2006 BRIT and Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, Gorillaz tickets would not go on sale that year due to difficulties with cost. Gorillaz would release "Phase 2: Slowboat to Hades" their second major DVD complilation in 2006.

Plastic Beach, the band's third studio album was released in March 2010. According to Pitchfork Magazine, "The one-time Blur frontman has transcended some of the post-modern artifice of this project, and created the group's most affecting and uniquely inviting album. Joke's over, Gorillaz are real." After four long years, Gorillaz fans could sample the hip-hop, rock, indie, alt, experimental, conceptual beauty that is a live Gorillaz concert. A seven-year gap followed between albums, and Phase Four began to take shape. The Fall also dropped in 2010.

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