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Super Bowl LI Schedule

The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl LI. The game took place on February 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX! The city of Houston will host the Super Bowl for the third time and first since 2004! Don't miss out on seeing the single biggest game in American sports live in person! NFL fans can buy tickets to see Super Bowl 51 today!

Be there in 2018 to see the Lombardi Trophy hoisted by the champions! Fans can get tickets for any seats in the stadium -- it doesn't matter if you're going solo or going with a group of friends! Get your 2018 Super Bowl tickets today!

About the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the highest level championship game for American football held annually within the National Football League. It was established amongst the merger agreement between the NFL and the American Football League in 1966. After the merger, teams were split into two conferences, and each conference champion would meet to play in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl I took place January 15, 1967. Originally played in January, the Super Bowl eventually was placed on the first Sunday of February after a sixteen game regular season and three rounds of playoffs. The winner of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the original head coach of the Green Bay Packers who won the first two Super Bowls.

The location of the Super Bowl is determined in advance by the NFL, usually a few years before the game. Cities bid to host the Super Bowl and then are evaluated and selected by the NFL owners. The coldest outdoor Super Bowl took place at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans in 1972 with a temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Most Super Bowls have been played outdoors in California or Florida since 1976. Super Bowl LI was the first held at an open stadium in a city with a cold weather environment, since past Super Bowls held in cold environments were within indoor stadiums.

The Super Bowl is the highest level of professional football. It all started as a merger between the National Football League and the American Football League. The two football leagues were constantly competing for players and fans. Eventually it was determined the two football league rivals needed to come together and create one National Football League. In the NFL/AFL merger, the leagues agreed that they would both meet in a world championship game before merging in 1970. The leagues were divided up into conferences and the championship game, which could eventually become the Super Bowl, was to be held between the conference champions. The first football championship game took place in 1967 and was officially named the “Super Bowl” in 1969.

The Super Bowl is now played annually on a Sunday, as the final game of the NFL playoffs. It is among the most watched sporting event in the world. It is also the most watched American television broadcast, with over 111 million viewers. "Super Bowl Sunday" is also the second largest day for food consumption. The Super Bowl is also known for the commercials shown during the game. Commercial airtime during the game is the most expensive advertising broadcast.

Super Bowl Packages

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Super Bowl Winner

I Green Bay v. Kansas City 35-10

II Green Bay v. Oakland 33-14

III New York Jets v. Baltimore 16-7

IV Kansas City v. Minnesota 32-7

V Baltimore v. Dallas 16-13

VI Dallas v. Miami 24-3

VII Miami v. Washington 14-7

VIII Miami v. Minnesota 24-7

IX Pittsburgh v. Minnesota 16-6

X Pittsburgh v. Dallas 21-17

XI Oakland v. Minnesota 32-14

XII Dallas v. Denver 27-10

XIII Pittsburgh v. Dallas 35-31

XIV Pittsburgh v. Los Angeles 31-19

XV Oakland v. Philadelphia 27-10

XVI San Francisco v. Cincinnati 26-21

XVII Washington v. Miami 27-17

XVIII Los Angeles v. Washington 38-9

XIX San Francisco v. Miami 38-16

XX Chicago v. New England 46-10

XXI New York Giants v. Denver 39-20

XXII Washington v. Denver 42-10

XXIII San Francisco v. Cincinnati 20-16

XXIV San Francisco v. Denver 55-10

XXV New York Giants v. Buffalo 20-19

XXVI Washington v. Buffalo 37-24

XXVII Dallas v. Buffalo 52-17

XXVIII Dallas v. Buffalo 30-13

XXIX San Francisco v. San Diego 49-26

XXX Dallas v. Pittsburgh 27-17

XXXI Green Bay v. New England 35-21

XXXII Denver v. Green Bay 31-24

XXXIII Denver v. Atlanta 34-19

XXXIV St. Louis v. Tennessee 23-16

XXXV Baltimore v. New York Giants 34-7

XXXVI New England v. St. Louis 20-17

XXXVII Tampa Bay v. Oakland 48-21

XXXVIII New England v. Carolina 32-29

XXXIX New England v. Philadelphia 24-21

XL Pittsburgh v. Seattle 21-10

XLI Indianapolis v. Chicago 29-17

XLII New York Giants v. New England 17-14

XLIII Pittsburgh v. Arizona 27-23

XLIV New Orleans v. Indianapolis 31-17

XLV Green Bay v. Pittsburgh 31-25

XLVI New York v. New England 21-17

XLVII Baltimore v. San Francisco 34-31

XLVIII Seattle v. Denver 43-8

XLIX New England v. Seattle 28-24

L Denver Broncos v. Carolina Panthers 24-10 

LI New England Patriots v. Atlanta Falcons

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