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The Cirque Du Soleil production company has done it again - Cirque Du Soleil Totem is one of the most unique and beautiful stories ever told. Cirque Du Soleil Totem tickets are passes a creative adaptation to the origin of humankind. Cirque Du Soleil Totem follows the evolution of man from amphibian to human to the intense need and want for flight. With characters ranging from ring-throwing Native Americans to unicycling bowl balancers and juggling scientists to Central American Russian bar balancers - it's a cultural melting pot of visual wonder! Just check out a description of one of the twelve acts provided by Cirque Du Soleil's official site "In a scene that evokes a wedding ceremony, a pair of roller skaters spin and whirl at heart-stopping speeds atop a tiny platform – just 1.8 meters in diameter – shaped like a drum." Incredible!
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