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Celtic Woman Tour Schedule

Celtic Woman, Ireland's latest music sensation, are back on tour! Comprised of Máiréad Carlin, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Lambe, Susan McFadden and Máiréad Nesbitt, Celtic Woman blend Irish folk and pop music together for an unforgettable experience! Don't miss your chance to see Celtic Woman live -- buy your tickets today!

Artists and songstresses from the Emerald Isle have been gaining popularity for over a decade or so now, and Celtic Woman tickets are the crowning glory of this trend. Anyone who wants to experience the joys of the wind-swept wilds of far western Europe should buy Celtic Woman tickets and hear the shimmering, soulful vocals of this band of Gaels. Just their names conjure magic visions of the Irish language: Chloe Agnew, Mairead Nesbitt, just to name two, laden with exotic vowel combinations and marked by unusual accents, fresh like the green grass of Eire herself.

About Celtic Woman

Like Il Divo, Celtic Woman was first the vision of a key player in the music industry. When composer and directer David Downs and producer Dave Kavanagh discovered the woman, they knew that they had green gold- one of the rarest types of precious metals in the world. Since their self-titled debut studio album, Celtic Woman has become a comfortable fixture in the number one spot on the Billboard World Music Charts for 95 non-stop weeks! With four US Celtic Woman tours under their belt- the current Celtic Woman tour is chock full of magic and eerie mystery.

When you buy Celtic Woman tickets you will hear the accents and the tunes passed down through generations of Irish singers and oral historians, passed through the ruins of forts and the long stone walls which run the length of the country. Tickets to Celtic Woman are a journey into the heart of what it means - what it sounds like - to exist on the far western rim of a vast and busy world, where freedom comes at a price, and the sight of the sun setting on the Atlantic is the prize given for a wild life amid the heather, the spiral-engraved ruins, and the love of music for which the Irish are famed. Celtic Woman tickets: Tickets to a night well-spent. If you want to check out other unique world music artists, take a look at our wide variety of world music tickets!

Celtic Woman Discography

Celtic Woman (2005)

Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration (2006)

Celtic Woman: A New Journey (2007)

Celtic Woman: A Celtic Family Christmas (2008)

Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey (2008)

Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart (2010)

Celtic Woman: Lullaby (2011)

Celtic Woman: Believe (Compilation) (2011)

Celtic Woman: An Irish Journey (2011)

Celtic Woman: A Celtic Christmas (2011)

Celtic Woman: Believe (2012)

Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas (2012)

Celtic Woman: Silent Night (2012)

Celtic Woman: Emerald - Musical Gems (2014)

Celtic Woman: O Christmas Tree (2014)

Celtic Woman: Destiny (2015)

Celtic Woman: Voices of Angels (2016)

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