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Minskoff Theatre
200 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

The Lion King Schedule

If you're going to be in NYC then you have to check out The Lion King on Broadway because it's one show you don't want to miss! Friends and family alike can enjoy this one-of-a-kind production that brings Disney's beloved animated feature to life! The show was extremely popular when it debuted on Broadway and frequently  has residencies all across the country. Currently playing at Minskoff Theatre, this amazing play is must-see. Purchase The Lion King tickets today and go see a show the whole family will love. The Lion King is also going on a North American Tour in 2017 to cities such as Providence, RI and Houston, TX. The cast is bringing the Disney Pride Lands to you, so don't miss out!

About the Show:

The Lion King is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. The 1994 Disney animated feature film, which received excellent reviews from critics and enjoyed huge commercial success, is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animation film in history. The story's legendary legacy continues with the hugely successful stage musical, which features the classic music by Elton John and Tim Rice and some incredible new songs that fit seamlessly into the fabric of the show. Director and Costume Designer Julie Taymor (who has subsequently directed Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark), used her vision to bring the animal characters to vivid life using highly artistic costumes and elaborate, hollow puppets. The actors beautifully simulate the movements of the animals as they blend modern dance with primal motion, all to gorgeous musical accompaniment. Audiences marvel as they journey with Simba and Nala in their playful number, "I Just Can't Wait to be King," to Simba's lament and heartfelt plea to his father, "Endless Night," to the supremely romantic "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?". Watching The Lion King onstage is truly like transporting oneself to the African safari in the comfort of a theatre seat. Do not wait any longer to see this artistic masterpiece; get your Lion King tickets today and experience the magic all over again.

Plot Synopsis:

The story of the stage musical is very faithful to that of the movie. It centers on Simba, the young lion cub who is the prince of the Pride Lands. Much to the chagrin of his father, the king Mufasa, he is impulsive and curious, preferring to go adventuring rather than dealing with the responsibilities that are his birthright. His devious uncle, Scar, is still bitter that he could not become king, and so he tries to lead Simba astray by telling him of a dangerous elephant graveyard, knowing that the cub would rush to explore it. One day, along with his good friend, the female cub Nala, Simba decides to ditch the hornbill Zazu, the king's advisor and Simba's caretaker, and check out the elephant graveyard. Before three hungry hyenas nearly devour the cubs, Mufasa comes in to save the day. Disappointed in his son, he tries to impress upon him the real meaning of bravery and the importance of duty to the kingdom. When Scar, in an attempt to seize power, orchestrates a terrible event that takes Mufasa's life and leads Simba to believe he is at fault, he flees the Pride Lands, never intending to return and bear the shame. On his own, Simba meets some colorful characters in the snide meerkat Timon and the flatulent warthog Pumbaa, who convince him to live his life carefree, embracing the motto "Hakuna Matata," or "no worries." But eventually, Simba hears the call of duty from the Pride Lands again. He must look inside himself for the courage to right the wrongs of the past. Check the schedule and get your Lion King tickets today to see this classic tale of love and redemption.

Run Time

2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


Minimum age is 4 years old. Child must have a ticket.

Broadway Cast

Jelani Remy
L. Steven Taylor
Adrienne Walker
Gareth Saxe
Tshidi Manye
Young Simba
Jordan Toure and Tre Jones
Young Nala
Aliyah Mastin and Mehret Marsh
Cameron Pow
Ben Jeffrey
Fred Berman

Broadway Creative

Elton John
Tim Rice
Julie Taymor
Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi
Garth Fagan
Costume Designer
Julie Taymor
Set Designer
Richard Hudson
Lighting Designer
Donald Holder
Sound Designer
Tony Meola
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