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Chris Rock Tour Schedule

Emmy Award winning comedian Chris Rock is still at it - delivering his rapid-fire diatribe and hilarious conclusions about life today and the way we live it. Chris Rock is touring in 2017. The "Total Blackout Tour" is hitting cities such as Phoenix, Tampa, and Atlantic City. It will be a stand-up tour like no other; it is his first tour in 9 years, creating excitement for fans patiently waiting to see him live. Chris Rock tickets give you a show by one of our most talented comedians, one who doesn't mind mixing controversy with hysterical asides on the mess we sometimes make of social projects and our personal lives. 

About Chris Rock

Chris Rock was born in Queens, New York. Due to school integration, he was bused to schools with high populations of white children and aggressively bullied for it. Therefore, his parents finally pulled him out of school, and he later earned his GED. From there, Rock worked at many fast food chains and other menial jobs, and he began to perform stand up comedy at local clubs. Eddie Murphy witnessed his stand up act and gave him a shot at fame. He mentored Rock and gave him his first role in a movie. 

Rock was on the popular show SNL in the early 90's and starred in HBO specials, winning Emmy Awards and even releasing comedy albums. Television success kept growing with popular shows such as Everybody Hates Chris. His comedy does not shy away from social issues such as racial profiling and police brutality. He also usually discusses class relationships, family, and romance. Rock hosted the 2016 88th Academy Awards despite the social unrest over #OscarsSoWhite, a hashtag created over the lack of nominations given to people of color. Rock used his platform to speak on the issue during his hosting time despite discouragement from other black public figures to boycott the awards show.

The comedian is now back to bring his hilarious, popular, controversial views and stand up to the main stage once again. The "Total Blackout" Tour will be anything but boring.  

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