Spoken Word / Lectures

      Sometimes the most powerful emotions can be drawn simply from the human voice and the poetic mind that strings words and sentences together in a glorious stampede of expression. Whether you want the unfiltered ferocity of slam poets, laying out their rawest emotions to strangers, or gain some knowledge through an entertaining lecture by an expert, Ticket Liquidator has tickets to the most sought after spoken word and lecture events, all at discounted prices.


      TV personalities like Chef Anthony Bourdain is a lecturer who draws huge crowds due to the popularity of his adventure and food shows and books. However, the range of lecturers is wide; Bernie Sanders is a hugely popular political figure, as he ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party Nomination. Theresa Caputo is another widely recognized television personality who also draws a crowd. Her show Long Island Medium gained massive media attention because she believes she can speak with the dead. Though all of these speakers differ from each other, they are similar to each other in the fact that they're fantastic speakers who draw in fans in order to pass on information relative to their brand.

      Spoken Word

      Spoken word is a version of poetry where a speaker reads a poem aloud, typically from memory, in a certain planned tempo to exaggerate sections. It is a fascinating, exciting event if you are interested in poetry, as you clearly hear what the author wants you to hear through their inflections and tonal changes. Spoken word gives the listener a personal vantage point of the poetry, and spoken word poetry is sometimes written purposefully to be performed. In a manner of speech, it is a version of acting. Spoken word events are definitely worth the experience!

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