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NCAA Football Tickets

NCAA Football

Saturdays just aren’t the same without college football. When fall comes around, universities across the country take to the gridiron to battle for supremacy and droves of fans unleash their passion in the stands. Business really picks up once bowl games come around, and squads only have one chance to put a winning cap on all of their hard work and perseverance. Pick up College Football Playoff tickets right here for both the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. We also have College Football Championship Game tickets available for the biggest game of all. The playoffs get a lot of attention, but real fans know they aren't the only college football games out there. Check out the huge selectin for all College Bowl Games, from the Rose Bowl to the Peach Bowl and everything in between. Don't miss out on one last game this season and get your college football tickets today.

Conference Championship Games

While bowl games get a lot of attention in the press, many true fans consider the biggest game of the year their conference championships. For many teams, winning the conference carries more weight than beating a team from a different division in a far-off bowl game. College Football Championship Games always provide some great moments. Throw in the fact that the winner of the championship game goes on to play in one of the BCS Bowls and these games are riding on some pretty high stakes. So if your team is able to earn the right to play for the chance to best all of their conference rivals, you’ll want to witness the accomplishment in person.

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

The Southeastern Conference is one of the big dogs, maybe the biggest, in NCAA football and is home to several bona-fide classic games every year. The SEC has 12 member schools, and if you attend a meeting between teams in the SEC Conference you are in for a treat. The SEC was established in 1932 when 13 teams left the Southern Conference to form a league of their own. Ten of the 12 SEC schools have been in the conference since the beginning, and in 1991 the SEC expanded to include the University of Arkansas and the University of South Carolina to complete its current membership. Perhaps the biggest game of the year is the SEC Championship game, and you can believe SEC Championship tickets are some of the hottest of the season. There's not really much more exciting than seeing an SEC game in person so if you can get some SEC college football tickets, do it.

SEC East:

SEC West:

Big Ten Conference

As the oldest conference in college football, the Big Ten Conference has plenty of tradition and strong programs. Many Big Ten teams pose a threat to take the National Championship any year. And the Big Ten Championship Game, played at Lucas Oil Stadium, provides added excitement. You can't beat seeing a Big Ten game in person, and if you can get tickets to see it you better get the chance.

East Division

West Division

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Founded back in 1953, the 12 teams in the ACC sometimes don't get the respect they deserve from the casual college football fan, but if you've been paying attention you know that the ACC is as good as any. They field some very competitive teams and if you've ever seen an ACC game, you know these fans are as passionate as any other. Get yourself some ACC college football tickets right here and get ready for some of the rowdiest crowds in college football. It’s not an earthquake you’re experiencing, it’s just a noise tremor. And if it’s a good game you are looking for, then you’ll want to see get ACC Championship tickets.

Atlantic Division

Coastal Division

Big 12 Conference

Containing the biggest teams in the central U.S. and Texas, the Big 12 consistently represents the most competitive teams in all of college football. The current membership of the Big 12 contains the old Big Eight conference in addition to four schools from Texas. The Big 12 Conference officially formed in 1994 and is split into the South Division and North Division. You will definitely enjoy yourself if you attend a game with a Big 12 team, so get your tickets right here. The biggest ticket of the year is for the Big 12 Championship, always a thrilling match at the end of a hard-fought season.

Pacific 12 Conference

The Pacific 12 Conference adopted its name in 1978 when it evolved from the Pacific 8. Don’t be fooled by the research institutions that populate the conference, the PAC 12 is home to some true football powerhouses. USC has been an elite college football program forever, but plenty of other schools are biting at their heels. Pac 12 football is high-quality, so get your cheap NCAA football tickets to as many games as you can and make plans to pick up Pac 12 Championship Game tickets to see best college football programs on the West Coast.

Pac 12 North

Pac 12 South

American Athletic Conference

The American Athletic Conference is the newest football conference on the block, as it was created when the Catholic schools left the Big East and took their name with them. It's a whole new look, and each school boasts a solid program with a chip on its shoulder looking to make a name. There are 10 members in the American Athletic Conference, and while not all of them are playing for a national championship, these football teams have steadily improved and are now holding their own against anyone in college football.

Mountain West Conference

One of the younger conferences in college football, the Mountain West Conference is nonetheless a formidable foe for football programs everywhere. While the Mountain West conference has only been around since 1999, many schools are traditional powerhouses, while others have their sights set on college football dominance. Make sure you get yourself to a Mountain West football game soon.

Mountain Division West Division

West Division

Conference USA

Also known as C-USA, Conference USA dates back to 1995 when football programs in the Metro Conference merged with the Great Midwest Conference. Many of the Conference USA programs have traditions to hang with anyone and a football game at a C-USA school is really something special. If you've never seen a C-USA game in person, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And if you've been to one, well then we don't have to tell you to get back.

East Division

West Division

The Mid-American Conference

Claiming some of the best players ever to play the game, the Conference of Quarterbacks has been home to some of the NFL immortals like Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich. Many of the MAC Conference teams are on the upswing, and attending a game is a guaranteed thrill. If you can get some NCAA football tickets to see these games you definitely want to make the trip. Of course, the real treat is MAC Championship tickets to see the best in the conference clash.

East Division

West Division

Sun Belt Football Tickets

Fans who support a Sun Belt Conference team are definitely not shy about it, and you’ll see many colors flying if you attend a Sun Belt showdown. Get yourself some tickets to a Sun Belt Conference game today and see all the action.

FBS Independent Football Tickets

These programs are strong enough to stand on their, with high-profile names that are instantly recognizable among college football fans everywhere. Their home stadiums also provide some of the most breathtaking scenery and pageantry in all of sport.

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