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So maybe the rumors aren’t true, that the untouchable boy band/girl band combo tour of the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls isn’t happening, but let’s not lose sight of what’s really happening here… the BACKSTREET BOYS are going on tour with AVRIL LAVIGNE! Ok, so maybe Avril was a little late, missing the 90s and making her way through in the 2000s instead, but I don’t think anyone can deny singing along to “Sk8er Boi” on at least one occasion. And I’ll be honest, I was more of an ‘N SYNC gir... [Read more]
It’s funny how the littlest things can get so blown out of proportion. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a murder investigation. Trent Reznor was just starting his band, Nine Inch Nails, in 1989 and producing his first album, Pretty Hate Machine, when he was allegedly “murdered” during the filming of his music video, “Down in It”. In the end of the video, a scene was shot of Reznor lying on the ground, indicating that his character had fallen and died. To sh... [Read more]

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Musician Neil Young officially launched Pono, his long-awaited high-definition digital music player, during the SXSW Festival with a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding the production of the player. Through Pono, as the high fidelity digital music player is called, and the accompanying online store, Young and his team are aiming to "bring back real music," which they hold has been taken away because of the mainstream use of the MP3 as the default digital music storage format. When digital mus... [Read more]

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Is Music Really Getting Worse?

March 16, 2014
Old fogeys have complained for years that the quality of rock and roll is trending downwards, but is this really true? This infographic by the clever people at Love My Vouchers should help explain the situation. Enjoy.

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To "The Mothership"!

March 14, 2014
Skrillex is at it again. King of dubstep (you know, that “womp womp womp WOMP womp” music), Sonny Moore surprised his fans earlier in the week by revealing a new, secret album through a smartphone app. Entitled Alien Ride, the app contained a countdown clock set to release 11 mysterious items on March 10th. When the countdown reached zero, it began pushing out a new track to the phone every half hour, compiling the 11 tracks from Skrillex’s new album, Recess, which is available for purchase on M... [Read more]

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The 2014 Oscars telecast had its share of memorable moments, from Ellen's pizza bit to John Travolta unknowingly creating a new name-butchering process known as "travoltifying," but what most people don't know is that something else pretty big happened that night: another EGOT was created. For the uninitiated, the EGOT is that rarest of species: a person who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. The person in question: Robert Lopez, who won Best Original Song for co-writing "Let it Go... [Read more]

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U2 Are Not Invisible

March 6, 2014
It's been five years since U2 released their latest album, having released No Line on the Horizon in March 2009, and three years since U2 concluded their record-breaking 360° Tour. Bono and The Edge dabbled in Broadway, writing music for the ill-fated Spider-Man play, but the last half decade has seen little in the way of new music by U2 -- until now. "We're on the verge of irrelevance," Bono told BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe. Despite the success of the 360° Tour, U2 failed to produce a hit song t... [Read more]

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At first, I was having a hard time imagining the pairing. I like both. A lot. But "Rod the Mod" and "C-Smooth?" I tried to imagine the two together, and failed. [Read more]

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We all have our heroes, those gallant and beautiful stars of stage, screen and studio, but not all of them are perfect. In fact, some of them have even killed people. Granted, not always premeditated in cold blood, but oh, they've killed. Here's a list of 10 celebrities who've ended the lives of other human beings. Just a little something to ponder as the weekend dawns...thanks to Instant Checkmate.
To be fair, in some respects, they are like other boy bands: They're easy on the eyes. They're all still teenagers. They have a huge following of barely-post-adolescent girls who tweet and post pictures, statistics, factoids, gossip, videos, etc. And they got a nod from the current power-house of the OMG set when One Direction took the new wonders from down under along on part of their 2013 tour. [Read more]

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