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5 Memorable Rihanna Performances

November 24, 2015
One of the best live performers of her generation, Rihanna will return to the road in 2016 for a worldwide tour in support of her upcoming album Anti [Read more]

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8 Must See Country Concerts in 2016

November 20, 2015
In case you didn’t already know, 2016 has some big country music concerts in the works! Country Music concerts draw in some of the biggest crowds of any live event and tickets sell fast which is why it’s never too early to make your 2016 concert plans. With so many concerts to choose from we’ve decided to put together a list of must-see country concerts -- so get ready to mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss what’s in store! [Read more]

Maroon 5: Looking Back

November 12, 2015
Few bands has ever reached the popularity level of Maroon 5, selling almost 30 million albums worldwide. From sold out tours to fashion show award performances, Maroon 5 has done it all!< [Read more]

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5 Seconds of Summer seized the No.1 spot for the second time on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. The band's sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good, sold 195,000 units, just beating out mega-star Carrie Underwood by a few thousand copies. [Read more]

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The Night I Didn't Meet Madonna

September 9, 2015
As soon as I saw the video for “Lucky Star” I knew she was going to be huge. Within weeks of the song’s release, half the teenaged girls in town were wearing fingerless gloves, letting their bra straps show and learning how to “rat” their hair. [Read more]


The legendary Warped Tour continues tomorrow in California and will be making its way across the country this summer. Don't forget these simple tips to make the most of your concert experience. 1.) No chains. I know you got those punk vibes, but leave the metal at home. You’re gonna kill someone when you’re crowd surfing and get that caught on a teenager’s eyebrow ring. Feel me? 2.) Sunscreen. Do you want melanoma? I don’t care if it looks stupid for the two minutes you’re putting it on, bring ... [Read more]

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This past Sunday, I finally let myself spend some money on something other than groceries and bills and bought a Sufjan Stevens ticket. The show opened with Cold Specks, stage name for Ladan Hussein (also known as Al Spx), an up-and-coming Somali-Canadian singer with a full-bodied voice that resounded beautifully in Hartford’s Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts. The name is a reference to James Joyce's Ulysses – "Born all in the dark wormy earth, cold specks of fire, evil, lights shining in... [Read more]

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Bored with running? Is the gym just not cutting it for you? Carson Dean recently showed the world that treadmill choreography is the best kind of postmodern exercise. Don't believe me? Just watch. Read more...

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As soon as the weather hits “sunny and 75”, Northeastern country music fans are itching to kick off the summer with Luke Bryan tickets, a Miranda Lambert concert, or Jason Aldean tour tickets. And, like most concert rituals, tailgating in the lot outside the venue is a given. Fans will post the obligatory status update to kick off the party, “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss. It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime,” in honor of Kenny Chesney. Most of the not-originally-from-the-South redneck wannabes will... [Read more]
Concert apps can greatly improve your event experience – before, during, and after the show. From taking pictures at concerts to tailgating, these are a few of the best iPhone apps for concerts to optimize your time with your friends and favorite band, and best of all, these concert apps are free! Best Concert Apps - Pre-Concert Local Concert Finder 1.) Bandsintown – finds concerts near you based on your musical preferences. Pulling data from the user’s iTunes library, Facebook likes, favori... [Read more]

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