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Garth Brooks is making a comeback.

The country superstar is set to play five sold out shows at Croke Park in Ireland in July. The shows come eight months after Brooks made an announcement on Good Morning America that he was going to embark on a world tour in 2014.

Unless the world shrunk to the size of the Emerald Isle where Bono is king, Brooks' July comeback doesn't qualify as a world tour.

So, what gives? When and where will Brooks play later this year?

When Brooks made his announcement on Good Morning America that he was indeed going to hit the road, he was asked why 2014 for a world tour -- and the superstar explained that his youngest child would graduate high school in 2014, making Brooks a "phone call father."

Given that high schools hold commencement ceremonies in May and June, it's likely that Brooks wanted to be there for his family throughout the entire process. That rules out the first half of the entire year for any type of tour. Brooks' comeback in July is taking place at one venue, and will ease Brooks back into performing somewhere other than his home -- or even the United States.

After the show in Ireland ends, then what? Will Brooks go on a massive world wide tour? When will he announce it?

There's a few feasible scenarios. It's entirely possible that Brooks will announce a tour at the end of his run of shows at Croke Park -- quite possibly during one of the shows itself, sending the crowd into a frenzy and likely breaking Twitter and the internet in the process.

It's equally possible that Brooks and his band will gauge how they feel after the Ireland shows, sit back, and come up with a plan to tour. You know, just take inventory on how they feel after performing five shows in a short period of time, and using this run in Ireland as a test to see what they can handle physically and mentally in terms of a tour.

But where would Brooks play if he came to the United States? Given that all five shows at Croke Park are sold out, it's clear that the demand for Brooks is extremely high. A stadium tour is much more likely than an arena tour, given the demand.

A fall stadium tour in the United States could prove to be a bit tricky, though. Brooks would have to schedule around NFL and NCAA football schedules -- as well as other concerts that may be booked for stadiums already. Baseball stadiums are possible, but the month of October would have to be ruled out as well, since the baseball playoff schedule won't be known until late September.

It's possible that Brooks' camp has already scheduled shows in various stadiums throughout the United States, and that both his camp and stadium personnel have managed to keep it a secret for awhile. But given technology and how everybody wants to break a scoop on Twitter or Facebook, that seems somewhat unlikely.

Perhaps Brooks will put the world in worldwide tour, and continue to tour Europe in the fall before coming back to American stadiums triumphantly in 2015, or perhaps he'll play arenas this fall in the United States -- or maybe he just does have the whole stadium tour figured out already for the fall of 2014.

No matter how you slice it, Garth Brooks is going on tour -- and he's coming very, very soon.

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