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These days, independent filmmakers have a wide variety of resources at their disposal for achieving a professional look for minimal cost. Online DIY gurus like the folks over at Indymogul and Film Riot have done a ton of homework to bring you no-nonsense, cost-effective ways to build Home Depot versions of the gear the pros use. For our fundraising video we decided to save a few bucks while investigating whether or not DIY Kinos and a shoulder rig would be viable on the actual production.

A Kino, for the uninitiated, is short for Kino Flo which is an industry standard for fluorescent lighting. They don’t get nearly as hot as incandescents but still put out a lot of light.

Rather than shelling out over a grand for an actual Kino Flo, our intrepid Writer/Director and Key Grip managed to cobble together these beauties over the course of an afternoon for less than a C-Note each.

They also built this dual shoulder camera mount to give us the smooth, non-jittery motion we were looking for.

So instead of this:

We get this:

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