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In a feud that ignited the hip hop world with more rumors, opinions and lawsuits than a Lindsay Lohan car crash, Drake and Chris Brown escalated a potentially conciliatory moment for the thug faithful into a full on gang war. This is what we know for sure. Drake and Chris Brown were both in attendance at SoHo’s W.I.P. nightclub the night of June 14th. An altercation ensued that resulted in several head injuries, the destruction of the night club’s interior and multiple law suits.

The Drake/Chris Brown feud dates back to a Twitter exchange initiated when Chris Brown kicked newcomer Meek Mill off of one of his songs after rumors surfaced that Mill and Rihanna were dating. After he was let go, Meek Mill tweeted: “U took me off ya song ‘cause she let me watch da throne.” Brown retorted, “She’s a dream chaser! There are a lot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!”, alluding to the title of Meek Mill’s mixtape series. Mill tweeted back: “Dese chick belong 2 da game…not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!” At this point Drake entered the fray tweeting: “Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho, too. Lol.”, and “We get gyal eeeeassy.”

Early reports from W.I.P. said that ticking time bomb Chris Brown was quietly minding his own business at the club when Drake and his entourage arrived. This is where things get hazy. One rumor had it that Brown sent a $2000 bottle of Armand de Brignac over to Drake’s table as a peace offering to which Drake responded by sending a note back to Brown scrawled with the message, “I’m still f------- the love of your life, deal with it,” in reference to good girl gone bad Rihanna for whom Chris Brown is still on probation for assaulting prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards. The fact that everyone in the game has a yen to punch Brown in the face for a few minutes straight makes it hard for the guy to go anywhere in public without potentially turning into the Hulk, which is apparently what happened when champagne bottles started raining down like meteorites on his entourage.

Drake reportedly ran and hid in the bathroom stall while, in one of the stranger items reported by the Daily News, security guards and members of both entourages “peeled off their shirts as the fighting kicked into gear.” In photos taken during the aftermath, the nightclub looked like a herd of elephants went through it. Brown escaped with a gash on his chin while model Ingrid Gutierrez was the recipient of a champagne bottle to the head which resulted in facial trauma, bruising and stiches. Other model victims emerged including Vladimira Brace who suffered spinal injuries when she was trampled underfoot. Because of the sacrifices of their fallen sisters, models everywhere now have a roadmap to achieve greater wealth and notoriety through litigation. Even Spurs Point Guard Tony Parker was there. Parker knows a good hustle when he sees one and didn't hesitate to try to cash in with a lawsuit against the club seeking $20 million for an eye injury he sustained in the melee.

The New York Liquor Authority filed 14 charges against the club which was shut down and W.I.P. manager Jonathan Cantor was hauled away on unrelated charges linked to outstanding warrants. The NYPD is reviewing surveillance tapes and investigating rumors that shots were fired inside the club while Meek Mill continues to play dumb in the press about what really happened. He didn’t see Drake or Chris Brown do anything despite Drake implicating himself two days later in a concert at Jones Beach:

“It’s last call and you’re really too drunk to give a f---. A n---- in the corner is standing there looking at you funny. You bump elbows with him on the way to the bathroom, but really there’s only one n---- that you got to think about.”

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman offered Drake and Chris Brown $1 million each to sort it out in the ring. Feldman has greased the wheels in the past for cards featuring Jose Canseco and Rodney King and in a stroke of genius asked Rihanna to be the ring girl for the fight.

When asked by CNN who would win, 50 Cent offered this speculation on Chris Brown’s chances: “Like he might have did karate when he was a kid.” Whether or not he might have did karate, it’s doubtful that either artist is eager to prolong the inevitable fallout from the debacle.

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