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Following a recent incident in which evil empire McDonald's prevented a blind woman from entering one of their establishments with her guide dog, rival burgermeister Wimpy launched a brilliant "Braille Burger" campaign that's reached over 800,000 sight-disabled people. The burger buns were baked with the words "100% pure beef burger, made for you" spelled in braille sesame seeds on their tops, bringing delight to the faces of those who touched them, and those who they touched, if you will. The campaign is in support of Wimpy's new braille menus, and with the better part of a million sight-challenged souls becoming aware of it, let's call it a resounding success. Unlike McDonald's, who apparently employ mindless robots incapable of distinguishing between a common pooch and a beloved seeing eye companion to a blind person. Seriously, has any action been taken against the McDonald's employee responsible for turning this person away? What was their explanation for this behavior? Check out the awesome video below, showing the braille buns being constructed and eaten by deserving burger lovers. It even has a decent soundtrack!

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