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Facebook Club in the Amazon rainforest

Mark Zuckerberg may be many things, but he's not daft. Or is he? It turns out the eagle-eyed commercial mastermind may have missed the boat when it comes to one of the social channels - real life. Facebook the Club is about to open, complete with the familiar Facebook font (called "Agency", which is something Ticket Liquidator has in common with the heavyweight social network) beside the door, and even more alarming is its location: the Amazon rainforest. The Facebook club is an idea hatched by Humbert Camacho, a young businessman from the Brazilian border town of Epitaciolândia. Camacho is already enjoying the fruits of success with his first club, Insomnio. The concept behind Insomnio is that of sharing, i.e. photos, ideas, friendships...just like, you might say. Camacho must have felt he'd struck gold when he came up with the idea; Brazil was declared the fourth biggest Facebook nation this month, with approximately 35 million profiles having been created in the country. Makes sense to just buy a club in the Amazon, call it Facebook, and open it to cool Brazilians who want to poke each other, I guess. I'm now wondering if Camacho hasn't missed a chance of his own here, though, by not calling the club "Facebook Amazon" and using the exact same font as the online retail giant of the same name. Should we now expect the Facebook club to become a major stopping off point for adventurous backpackers from all corners of the globe? The Brazilian economy was recently cited as being bigger than that of the UK's, and with ideas like this they deserve it...I think.

The irony here is that when I told Ali about this club, she expressed sorrow that the Amazon was being used for such things. And she's our Ticket Liquidator Facebook person! Irony in a purely Morrissettian sense, I guess.

Facebook Club

Facebook Club photo by Haroldo Zaine Sarkis, of the blog Xapuri em Destaque
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