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Lou Reed vs. Metallica

August 24, 2011


Maybe Lou Reed isn’t the most reliable source for unbiased news about his upcoming collaboration with Metallica, given his well-documented affinity for mind-altering substances, but his own body of work, spanning from the Velvet Underground to his early solo albums speaks for itself, and it says Lou Reed knows how to make some seriously strange music. Now, with the launch of the website, these unlikely bedfellows have revealed the title of the new project with the single word Lulu written in blood in the corner of the stylesheet. Sub-titled Son of Kurz, presumably named after Mr. Kurz from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the music is based on German playwright Frank Wedekind’s “Lulu” plays, written at the turn of the last century, which depict Lulu, a femme fatale at the center of a web of lust, lies, seduction, deceit and murder, as both user and used. So far the only available lyric reads: “I have no real feelings in my soul/Where most have passion I have a hole.” It’d be nice to hear some utterly bizarre harmonizing between Reed and Metallica lead singer James Hetfiled over crunching death metal.

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