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NBA Playoffs Breakdown

2016 NBA Playoffs

Wow! The Golden State Warriors record of 73-9 is quite an accomplishment, topping Jordan’s 96’ Bulls. There is one major difference between the two teams however -- the 1995-96’ Bulls were NBA Champions that season, a feat the Warriors have yet to reach in 2016. They still have a lot of work to do if they want to be in the "greatest of all time" conversation but Warriors fans clearly believe in the team.

Golden State fans are undoubtedly buying in. The average resale price (ARP) for home game tickets are selling at $603, with away games in Houston selling at an ARP of $430 (second most expensive ticket), according to Ticket Liquidator. In other words, Warriors fans are paying $355 more on average to see their team play at home compared to the rest of the league. That's 59% higher than Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers, the next most expensive home game ticket. Even though it’ll cost a pretty penny to see Steph Curry in the playoffs, it’s a testament to Warriors fans commitment to the team this year.

The Memphis Grizzlies home games against the San Antonio Spurs are the least expensive ticket, currently selling at an ARP of $168. When the Spurs are home against the Grizzlies the ARP jumps to $306 per ticket. The 82% increase is the largest difference of any playoff series when comparing home vs. away ARP.

To nobody’s surprise, Toronto Raptors’ home game ARP is very healthy. For the first time in more than 45 years, every Canadian team failed to reach the NHL playoffs. The NBA and MLB are reaping all the benefits in Hogtown. Raptors command the fourth highest home game ticket ARP and the MLB’s Blue Jays home game ARP has increased by 12% per ticket since the start of the season.

nba playoffs home vs. away average ticket price

2016 NBA Playoffs Outlook

Remember the 2007 New England Patriots who went undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl, only to come up short against the New York Giants? We saw a team come within one game of being dubbed the greatest NFL team of all time. Today, the 2007 Pats season is just a distant memory.

The warriors still have a lot of work to do to avoid the same fate. The difference between the Warriors and Patriots is the NBA's best-of-seven series format vs. the NFL's sudden death format. The Warriors can afford to lose a few games along the way, unlike the Patriots who had to remain perfect. Going by the outcome of the Warriors regular season, It’s safe to say they have a little better odds than the Pats did in 07’ but they’ll have get through some tough tests along the way.

Who will give the Warriors the most trouble? The Warriors have no obvious weaknesses and when they do find match-up issues, they always seem to overcome them with 3-point shooting. You don’t win 73 games without some of the league’s best shooters. LeBron James and the Cavs are the only team from the East that stand a legitimate chance on paper, but the Warriors will most likley have to get past the Spurs first. The Spurs were overshadowed by the Warriors record setting season, only losing 15 games along the way. Tim Duncan is still playing at a high level and they have the youth and speed to make up for the aging players on the roster.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs: As American As Apple Pie

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The last time every NHL team from Canada failed to reach the playoffs…


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This Week's Top 20 Hottest Selling Family Friendly Events

Tired of being cooped up with the kids all winter? Well, I’m sure they’re sick of you too! To get out of the house and bring some peace back into the household, here’s this week’s top 20 hottest selling family friendly events. Whether you're looking for sporting events, concerts, or theater shows -- you can be sure to find something the whole family will enjoy!

TOP 20 Hottest Selling Family Friendly Events

1. Justin Bieber

The Bieb is touring nationwide

2. NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs start on April 16, 2016

3. NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs start on April 14, 2016

4. Aladdin

Now showing in New York City


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Which Female Country Star Are You?

April 4, 2016


2016 MLB Opening Day Giveaways & Promotions

MLB’s Opening Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start making your 2016 ballpark plans!

Besides a great excuse to get out of the house after a long winter, your favorite MLB teams are offering some incentives to lure you in. Not all Opening Day giveaways are equal and we’re seeing the usual crop of schedules and calendars but some teams are giving a little extra this year.


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2016 Top 20 Hottest Selling Concerts

Haven’t decided which concerts you’re attending this year? Here’s the 20 hottest selling concerts on the secondary market scheduled in 2016, according to Ticket Liquidator*. 2016 will see mega stars like Adele and Justin Bieber back on the road for the first time in years and will witness greats like the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath live in concert for the final time. Whatever music you’re into you can be sure to find a summer concert to attend up with your friends and family.

Artists and bands alike will be touring across North America and you don’t want to miss out what's in store this year! Mark your calendars, buy your tickets and get ready for one amazing year.

Top 20


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Music Festival Survival Guide

March 17, 2016
Music Festival Survival Guide

Music Festival season is just around and the corner and it’s time to start making your plans. Whether you’re hitting up Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Musical Festival, Coachella, or any of the popular music festivals that has taken over the live music scene, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared. Here are some tips to get you through the weekend (we found out the hard way) and make it the best experience possible.

How to survive a music festival:


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Let The Madness Begin

March 9, 2016
March Madness: Who Will Win it All?

Finally! March Madness Is Here!

March is here and it’s time for the “Madness” to begin! Colleges from all across the country are gearing up to compete in their conference tournaments. For some, it will be a tune-up for the NCAA Tournament but others will be looking to make a final push for one of the 68 spots. March is the most exciting time to be a basketball fan and with games at locations all across the country – you can bet there will be live NCAA action at an arena near you!


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Breakthrough Season: Top 5 MLB Players to watch for in 2016

Check out the 2016 MLB Schedule

Another year of baseball is just around the corner and it’s time to start talking about the upcoming MLB season. Last year saw a fresh crop of new-age infielders that bring more than just defense to the table. Here’s five players with mountains of upside that you need to have on your fantasy league roster in 2016!


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The Good, The Bad, and The Trippy

If you’re a jam band fan then you’re in luck in 2016 because some of the biggest groups around are hitting the road. Phish, Dead & Company, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band and many more are performing in cities across North America.


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