Taylor Swift Tour Schedule

Everyone wanted Taylor Swift concert tickets this year. The response to the Taylor Swift concert tour was truly massive. All things come to an end, though, they say; when the first leg of the sold-out Taylor Swift tour, "Fearless", ended, fans were broken-hearted; many feared they’d never have Taylor Swift tickets to the “Fearless” tour and that was that. Then, Taylor unveiled a second leg! Fans were surprised and delighted, and this second leg was met with as much, if not more, praise than the first. Now fans have the opportunity to see Taylor AGAIN! That's right, the new Taylor Swift 2011 tour schedule is finally out and Taylor Swift tickets are selling like crazy. Taylor Swift will finish off the rest of the winter season in Europe. Then, the country superstar will return to the USA to complete the remaining five months worth of dates, beginning May 27 in Omaha and continuing through to her November performances at Madison Square Garden. The Taylor Swift schedule is right here on this page, so check out the dates and buy those precious Taylor Swift tickets right away.

Taylor Swift concert tickets have been selling like crazy this past year, as the 21-year-old country singer became the youngest artist in history to be nominated for and winning the CMA's Entertainer of the Year Award. Her achievements didn’t stop there, though; Taylor also released her studio set, "Fearless." The record spent 11 weeks at Number One on the Billboard 200. It was the 10th longest-running No. 1 album ever on the chart, setting a record for the most weeks at Number One for a female country artist.

Taylor has personal reasons to proud of the material performed on the “Fearless” tour. The multi-talented Swift wrote seven tracks on "Fearless" by herself. She is the only female artist in country music to take credit on every song of a platinum-selling debut, an amazing achievement. Now Taylor Swift’s "Speak Now" World tour provides die-hard fans with another chance to check the Taylor Swift schedule and buy concert tickets.

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets 

Taylor Swift tickets are among the most popular concert tickets of 2016. The blonde Pennsylvanian has proven to be a crossover success; promoters and fans are equally happy to place her in the Pop/Rock category as well as the Country music genre. Either way, a Taylor Swift concert ticket has been the coveted item for hip young girls and adults alike this year.

When fans buy Taylor Swift tickets they expect something wholesome but realistic and they get it. Taylor's "Speak Now" album spent 11 weeks at the top of the US album chart, and her concert tour of the same name reflected this success, now Taylor's back with some new material, but the result is the same - fantastic. Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" album was released in October 2010 and debuted at number one on the US Bilboard 200. All fourteen songs on the album have been ranked on the Billboard Hot 100, lead by "Mine" at number three. Taylor Swift concerts presented a refreshingly modern format to young kids living with each foot in a different world: Virtual and Real. Between songs, a giant screen displayed texts sent to Taylor via a designated number. Taylor made a rousing speech to her largely female audience about the superficial culture we live in. She urged young girls not to develop a negative body image, but to love themselves for their own individual talents. Teenagers absolutely lapped this up, and it was no surprise when Taylor Swift tickets became rarer than gold dust. The Fearless concert tour was soon the leading trek not just in Country music, but in all concert tours in America, confirmation that Taylor's music and personality were a winning combination capable of conquering the world alone or together. Indeed, "Fearless" earned the title of most weeks ever at Number One for a female country performer, no mean feat in an age where young people needn't let the grass grow under their feet. It was obvious that America's Taylor Swift fans were passing on the good word and were happy to listen to Fearless for many weeks before even considering moving on. They knew that when they did, Taylor Swift's next album would be ready and a whole new Country-Pop concert experience would be waiting for them. Ask any young girl in America today for her top 5 wish list, and somewhere in there you'll find either Taylor Swift tickets, a Taylor Swift CD, or both. The girl voted by Young Hollywood to be the "Superstar of Tomorrow" saw her hit single “Love Story” become the the most downloaded song in country music history in 2009. That gorgeous smile surely grew broader at the knowledge she had written every one of the songs on the album from which the song came.

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets are For Everyone

Taylor and Hannah Montana have both proved to be sell-out wonder girls this past year or two. Taylor Swift tickets have been one of the few concert tickets to compete with Miley Cyrus for popularity. Calling Taylor "2009's Hannah Montana" isn't really being fair to the talented girl from Wyomissing, PA, though. Her immense appeal to the youth speaks from a personal journey both determined and inspired, and those inspirations are breathtakingly versatile. Her love of poetry, drama and music enabled Taylor to take Shania Twain and theater and combine the two effectively to create a fresh and dramatic message. Taylor is known to have written a novel as a young girl, as well as been involved in Kirk Cremer's famous TheatreKids Live! group. So much more than a Country singer, as her talent for comedy proved, this Renaissance gal seemed likely to survive in whatever creative avenue she chose. But it was in Country songwriting that Taylor Swift rose to the top like the cream she was. This path was to be the one that propelled her to fame, to see an album go triple-multi platinum, and Taylor Swift concert tickets become this year's golden fleece for young girls eager for strong and realistic role models. A Taylor Swift concert is a journey within for many youngsters, an opportunity to hear the voice of a generation, from a girl just like them, but so sensitive to her own hopes and fears. Tickets to Taylor Swift are in effect a symptom of our young girls' dis-ease with an out-of-touch world, one in which Country music isn't cool, and being popular is an end in itself. The kids are leaving that old paradigm behind, and Taylor Swift concerts are the chief means to that end. Where Miley Cyrus was all about escape, Taylor Swift is more centered in confronting the contradictions young girls face and exorcising them like the phantoms they are. Adjectives like "timely" are most appropriate, but even these the kids are bored with. They simply want to check out the Taylor Swift Fearless tour schedule and be there while the craze is still at its height.

The Taylor Swift concert schedule has been gathering steam for longer than a lot of people realize; Taylor's anonymously-titled debut album reached triple platinum, selling more than 3 million copies. Five of her songs have become Top Ten singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart: "Our Song"and "Should’ve Said No" both made Number One, thanks to the wide ranging influences that included LeAnn Rimes and The Dixie Chicks. Taylor Swift is a true artist in the sense she draws her lyrics and stories from real experience and actual people. This unbeatable and timeless approach is always the one that audiences respond to, and it is no accident that Taylor Swift is considered a real Country personality. Her eclectic choice of heroes has led to mass appeal, and Taylor Swift concert tickets know no bounds.

Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler proved to be an awesome team, as did her decision to play some shows with Keith Urban. This latter team-up appeals as much to parents as it does kids, and once again we expect to see huge demand for all dates on this Taylor Swift tour. Taylor Swift tickets are one hot commodity and America loves 'em!

About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: 1989 Tour

T.Swift just announced the much-anticipated 1989 World Tour! With the recent success of her album of the same name, 1989, Taylor Swift's upcoming tour is sure to be super popular. Check out the Taylor Swift schedule above for concerts in your area, and buy Taylor Swift tickets today before they sell out! "Shake It Off" with this girl on fire next summer at a venue near you!

Taylor Swift: Red Tour

With all her recent dating catastrophes, the new Taylor Swift album Red is chock full of drama and new sounds for the country music starlet who is taking her mainstream crossover status to new levels on songs like "State of Grace" and "Holy Ground." On the Taylor Swift 2014 tour, the Speak Now tour, fans saw Swift live, rocking covers and spitting rhymes with Usher! Pick up Taylor Swift concert tickets today!

Taylor Swift Named Vogue Fashion Icon

Vogue asked America's top designers who they thought best-represented American fashion in a piece titled "American Idols: Icons of Stateside Style." Out of the 12 women they selected, Tommy Hilfiger nominated both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry because he couldn't decide between the two. Despite their wildly differing styles-Taylor Swift's elegant, classic look vs. Katy Perry's whimsical, modern chic-the two young stars represent the best that American entertainment has to offer. Check them both out on tour this summer with tickets for Katy Perry and at Taylor Swift concert dates near you!

Taylor Swift Is Back

After a brief brush with illness, Taylor Swift is back on tour and wowing audiences with her poise and amazing stage presence. Swift slayed them recently in Grand Rapids Michigan with an acoustic cover of Eminem's Lose Yourself where the songbird rapped while playing guitar and the audience practically lost their collective minds before joining in the chorus. Pick up tickets for Taylor Swift to see this tremendous perfomer on tour now!

Taylor Swift Diagnosed

Taylor Swift fans can rest easy. After the young singer came down with a mysterious illness and had to postpone a number of shows, she has been diagnosed with non-fatal bronchitis. Her doctor has advised that she not perform at least for the remainder of the week, meaning that further shows may be postponed. The pressures of performing multiple nights a week and traveling all over the country do take their toll, fortunately, Swift is young and healthy and should bounce back in no time. Be sure to jot those rescheduled Taylor Swift tour dates on your calendar!

Taylor Swift Postpones Show

Nobody thought superwoman Taylor Swift could actually get sick the way mere mortals do, but for the first time in her young career, the blonde bombshell had to bow out of a sold out performance at the Yum Center in Louisville because of an unspecified illness. Swift tweeted her regret and fans responded sportively, even though they'll have to wait until October for the rescheduled date. There are other chances to see Taylor Swift in concert when she recovers.

Taylor Swift Makes Forbes List

With the Taylor Swift concert tour in full effect, fans have made their love for the popular young artist known by buying up Taylor Swift concert tickets in record numbers and propelling the starlet to the number two position on Forbes list of the World's Highest-Paid Musicians in country music. Toby Keith edged out Swift by a mere $5 million, and Swift beat out her nearest competitor Brad Paisley by another $5 million. Swift also made Forbes' list of Best Paid Celebrities Under 30. Fortunately there are cheap Taylor Swift tickets available for those of you who can't afford to miss her.

Taylor Swift Wins at CMT Awards

Taylor Swift continues to take America by storm. Closing out the CMA Fest in rock star fashion Swift also recently walked with the Video of the Year award for her single Mine at the CMT Awards. Swift and Shania Twain also had audiences rolling with their parody of cinema classic Thelma and Louise. The video also featured Kid Rock, Donald Trump, Chord Overstreet and Ron White. Tickets are available now to see Taylor Swift in concert on the Speak Now tour.

Taylor Swift Drops New Video for The Story of Us

Taylor Swift continued her PR onslaught in support of her Speak Now world tour with the release of her latest video for the single The Story of Us. The song is about a relationship gone sour and takes place in the library at what looks like Hogwarts or the Dalton Academy. You can see Taylor Swift on tour dates all across North America. Check out the Taylor Swift tour schedule for a venue near you.

Taylor Swift Donates Concert Proceeds to Flood and Tornado Victims

Country darling Taylor Swift not only has a big voice, she also has a big heart. In an effort to raise money for victims of the recent floods and tornadoes, Swift opened up the final dress rehearsal of her Speak Now tour to over 13,000 fans, warts and all, and contributed the $750,000 take to relief efforts. Proceeds from the event went to the Speak Now Help Now Fund which operates in tandem with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Cheap Taylor Swift concert tickets to other stops on the Taylor Swift tour are still available.

Taylor Swift Performs for Disaster Relief on CMT

Taylor Swift appeared alongside Shania Twain, Hank Williams Jr., Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Gretchen Wilson, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, Alabama, Tim McGraw and others at the CMT Disaster Relief Concert on Thursday May 12th. The show featured performances and highlighted some of the areas that were hardest hit by storms and tornadoes. President Barack Obama also appeared on the program. Proceeds from the event went to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. In addition to her own Speak Now...Help Now efforts for disaster relief, Taylor Swift tickets for Taylor Swift tour dates are also on sale.

Taylor Swift Appears on Ellen

Taylor Swift visited the super-popular Ellen show on May 11th to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about her new single Mean and to promote the North American leg of the upcoming Taylor Swift tour, Speak Now. Swift talked about celebrity dating, her latest home purchase and her Speak Now...Help Now performances to assist tornado victims. Swift also performed The Story of Us about the aftermath of a broken relationship. Taylor Swift tickets are available now.

Taylor Swift Releases New Track

Following tragic bullying-related events in the US, a number of young artists have composed and released songs addressing the mistreatment of people who deviate from the norm. Lady GaGa's Born This Way and now Taylor Swift's latest Mean contain themes that promote courage in the face of adversity. Swift has also released a video for the song that tells the stories of different young people who not only endure bullying but go on to achieve their dreams. Swift plays the banjo and is tied to a set of train tracks by a 1920s-style villain in the video.

Taylor Swift to Assist Victims of Tornado

In support of the victims of the recent tornadoes that laid waste to people's lives all across the South, Taylor Swift is turning the last dress rehearsal before her tour into a fundraising event. The benefit will be called Speak Now...Help Now and 100% of the proceeds will go to assist families who were affected by the disaster. Fans who aren't able to catch her at this event can still get Taylor Swift tickets to one of the many upcoming Taylor Swift tour dates.

Taylor Swift at the 2011 CMA Fest

Taylor Swift concert tickets for the 2011 Country Music Association Festival are available to catch this songbird as she closes out the festivities on June 12, 2011. It should be an emotional moment after four days of listening to country’s brightest stars volunteer their time for charity. All proceeds from the festival will go to funding music education. Right before the festival the Taylor Swift concert schedule will be heating up for the seven-month-long Taylor Swift tour. Check out the Taylor Swift tour dates 2011 and get your Taylor Swift concert tickets while you still can!

Taylor Swift Returns from Europe

Taylor Swift is back from Europe and ready to take North America by storm. Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Tour has been a huge success for the young country pop star, selling out in minutes at some venues. Fortunately cheap Taylor Swift concert tickets are still available through TicketLiquidator.

Taylor Swift to Star in The Lorax

Taylor Swift has signed on to be the voice of one of the characters in a computer-animated feature film based on Dr. Seuss' beloved children's book The Lorax. This is Swift's second fetaure film. She also appeared in the Gary Marshall-directed Los Angeles relationship comedy/romance Valentine's Day.

Taylor Swift: Dating and Real Estate

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift may be dating Garrett Hedlund, the star of Tron Legacy. It turns out that Garrett has been in Nashville recording music and the pair are in the early stages of a possible romance. Swift is also getting into real estate with a new home in Los Angeles and a million-dollar home that she bought for her parents in Nashville. It made sense for her since she splits her time between the two meccas. Taylor Swift seems to be a rarity in the music industry these days, a 21-year-old starlet who doesn't drink, keeps her clothes on and loves her parents

Taylor Swift Wins Country Awards

Taylor has truly taken the lion’s share of awards in country music in 2010. Taylor Swift earned the Album of the Year award for "Fearless" at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Even more impressive, Taylor was also given the Crystal Milestone Award, for "outstanding achievement in country music." This is one country teenager who has mass appeal and is looking to break even more records on her rise to the top. Find those Taylor Swift tickets you need here today, and join Taylor for the second leg of the brilliant “Fearless” tour.

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