It’s a big letdown when something comes up and you can’t use your tickets for an event you’ve been anticipating. We understand things happen, so we offer the Ticket Liquidator Safety Net Program to serve you better. Return your unwanted tickets and get a discount on a future purchase through our site.

How It Works

  1. You find out that you can’t use your tickets
  2. You complete the TL Safety Net Questionnaire
  3. We determine that your issue is best served by the program

    Sometimes we'll decide the Ticket Liquidator Safety Net Program isn't right for your circumstances, but that doesn't mean we won't be here to help!

  4. An email is sent to offering you a discount towards a future purchase through Ticket Liquidator in return for your tickets

    Discount amount offered for your tickets is based on the current market value of your tickets and isn’t designed to include order related fees. The offered discount amount is nonnegotiable.

  5. You decide to accept our offer and in most cases ship the tickets to us. We'll provide the prepaid shipping label!
  6. We send you a discount code for the quoted amount

    Hard Tickets: We send you the discount code upon receiving your tickets

    Paper Tickets: We send you the discount code one week after the event

*Disclaimer: Your request to participate in the Safety Net Program does not guarantee a discount offer or acceptance into the program. A Ticket Liquidator representative will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible to help you with your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

If selected for the program, we would assess your tickets’ current market value and send you a discount quote for your tickets. Please note that you’d be unable to receive a discount any larger than the ticket price you originally paid for your tickets. In order to lock in the quoted discount amount, you must accept our offer and ship the tickets within 2 days of when the offer was made. After that two day period, the quoted discount amount is subject to change.
Yes, order totals of up to $600 would be the largest that we’d be able to accept into the program.
Only customers whose event is at least 14 days away are to be considered for this program. If you’re accepted into the program, you will need to ship the tickets to us using the provided FedEx Overnight label no later than 8 days prior to the event. Additionally, in order to lock in your discount amount you will need to ship the tickets within 2 days of receiving your shipping label from us. If the tickets aren’t shipped out within 2 days, we will have to recalculate the discount amount offered based on the current market value of the tickets.
This program was designed for customers who ordered with Ticket Liquidator, who’ve made an honest mistake or encountered an obstacle that has left them unable to attend their event. Issues such as mistakenly selecting the wrong event date, ordering the wrong number of tickets, or an unexpected family emergency might qualify you for the program.

The tickets advertised on Ticket Liquidator are owned, priced, and shipped by individual ticket sellers. While all sales are final through your ticket seller, we at Ticket Liquidator are providing this program to help you recoup something for tickets you’d otherwise be unable to use. By receiving a discount, at least you’ll have the opportunity to purchase tickets to a future event.

Alternatively, you could quickly set up a free seller's account on our website and try to resell your tickets for cash. Please note that a seller’s account would allow you to list your tickets up until 7 days prior to the event and your tickets must be printed on cardstock (aka “hard tickets”).

Your discount code will expire one year after being provided to you and is good for any purchase made on Please note that your discount is applicable toward the sub-total of your order (ticket price + service fees).
We strive to respond to all of your inquiries and requests ASAP. Typically, you will receive a response within 2-3 business days.
Yes, you must be in possession of your tickets before we would be able to determine your fit for the program. This is a requirement in order to ensure that we receive your tickets within our desired timetable.
We strive to create worry-free buying experiences for all customers. In order to maintain a high level of success, we guarantee that all tickets sold on our site are valid or a customer will receive their money back, plus an additional 100 percent.The tickets you return to us through this program will eventually make their way to another fan. We delay sending the discount code to you until we are certain that the tickets you returned were enjoyed error-free by another fan.
If you’ve purchased event insurance on your ticket order and you’re unable to attend your event for a covered reason, you should contact Event Ticket Protector Insurance by Allianz Global Assistance prior to submitting any requests to the Safety Net Program. You can contact your insurance provider by phone at 1-866-456-3102 or access their website by clicking on the hyperlink above.