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2018 Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl Fast Facts:
  • Official Name: Fiesta Bowl
  • Location: University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
  • University of Phoenix Stadium Capacity: 63400
  • First Played: 1971
  • Trophy: Fiesta Bowl trophy
  • Payout: $17,000,000

The Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium is getting close and tickets are going fast. Be there to watch all the college football bowl game fun and get your tickets from Ticket Liquidator. The Tostitos Fiesta goes down at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday, December 31. Be there for all the excitement and get your tickets for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl today!

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl takes place each year at the U of Phoenix Stadium Stadium and the game is always a thriller. There’s been a lot of action in past Fiesta Bowl games, and you never know what will happen. U of Phoenix Stadium is located in Glendale, Arizona and you know college football fans in that state love their football. It normally matches up a team from the Pac 12 against a football team from the Big Ten and is always a raucous game. The winner of the game is presented the Fiesta Bowl trophy as well as a $17,000,000 payout. This game promises to be a thriller so get your tickets for the Fiesta Bowl right away. The Fiesta Bowl has been played since 1971, and has been known as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl since 1996. In the past the game was known as the IBM Fiesta Bowl and the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl. But no matter what they call the game, the football action is out of control. Don’t miss out on all the Fiesta Bowl Game action and get your tickets today!

Fiesta Bowl History

The Fiesta Bowl (known officially as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl) is an annual college football bowl game played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The game has been held yearly in early January since its inception in 1971. The event draws thousands of fans across the country to one of the youngest bowl games in NCAA Football history. Originally a contest designed for the WAC conference, the Fiesta Bowl is now the home to the Big 12 Champion, as well as a top tier at-large team. The payout for the Fiesta Bowl stands at $17,000,000, which is fairly consistent with the other three bowl games (Rose, Sugar, and Orange).

There are currently 4 teams tied for most appearances in the Fiesta Bowl. At 6 appearances each, Penn State, Arizona State, Ohio State, and Nebraska all have a storied history at the event. Penn State in fact has won the match all 6 times they have been invited, most recently in 1997. Tickets to the game are going fast, so buy your tickets on TicketLiquidator.com and secure your spot in sports history.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Stadium

The University of Phoenix Stadium is a multipurpose football stadium that opened in Arizona on August 1, 2006. The stadium has hosted both the 2011 BCS National Title Game, as well as Super Bowl XLII. The venue has a maximum capacity of 78,600 and has an estimated cost at roughly $527 million dollars. Although names after the University of Phoenix, there is no collegiate athletic program tied to the arena, and instead the Arizona Cardinals are the only team to play their homes game here. Although primarily a football arena, other events have occurred here including WrestleMania XXVI, Monster Jam ’09, and a Friendly match between Mexico and Denmark’s National Soccer teams.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl goes down at University of Phoenix Stadium , located at 1 Cardinals Dr. in Glendale, Arizona. Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium is a great venue for a college football game, and this year’s game should be a thriller. A maximum capacity of 63,400 football fans will likely be in attendance for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, and they are in for a treat. Who knows what NCAA football action in in store? But you can find out!

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Parking

If you are driving to University of Phoenix Stadium to attend the Fiesta Bowl then you need a place to park your automobile. Check the ticket listing above to see if Ticket Liquidator has Tostitos Fiesta Bowl parking passes for sale. Additionally, Approximately 14,000 parking spaces, located in numerous lots, surround the stadium. You might also want to contact University of Phoenix Stadium if there’s a specific accommodation you require.

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