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Broadway Theater:

Imperial Theatre
249 West 45th Street
New York, NY

The Great Comet Information

About the Show: 

The plot is based on a 70-page excerpt from Leo Tolstoy's Russian masterpiece War and Peace. After rave reviews, Josh Groban will continue to star in the musical through 2017. It is his debut Broadway performance. The New York Times calls The Great Comet "the most innovative and the best musical to open on Broadway since Hamilton." 

The Great Comet earned many 2017 Tony Awards nominations including Best Musical. Now is the best time to see the Tony-nominated musical! 

Plot Synopsis:

Natasha is a young girl visiting Moscow in 1812 (pre-Napoleon's invasion of Russia) while she awaits the return of her fiance, Andrey, who is fighting in the war. Anatole, a handsome, charming, manipulative rebel, seduces Natasha. He is married, yet the relationship escalates. Anatole and Natasha make plans to elope, and she breaks off her engagement with Andrey. Sonya, Natasha's cousin, finds out about the plan and tries to stop Natasha from making a decision that will leave her reputation in ruins. Marya D. thwarts the plan and calls on Pierre, a rich aristocrat who is having an existential crisis throughout the story. She hopes Pierre can help Natasha recover from this episode.

Pierre kicks Anatole out of Moscow, and he tries to convince Andrey to forgive Natasha for her wrongdoings when he returns. Andrey is not understanding. However, when all seems to be lost, Pierre converses with Natasha and sees the Great Comet of 1812 in the sky. It begins his epiphany moment, and it changes Pierre's state of mind for forever. 

Run Time:

2 hours 40 minutes (1 intermission)

Creative Team:

Music and Lyrics:
Dave Malloy
Dave Malloy
Rachel Chavkin
Sam Pinkleton
Paloma Young
Scenic Design:
Mimi Lien
Lighting Design:
Bradley King
Sound Design:
Nicholas Pope

The Great Comet Cast:

Josh Groban
Denée Benton
Brittain Ashford
Princess Mary:
Gelsey Bell
Nicholas Belton
Nick Choksi
Amber Gray
Marya D.:
Grace McLean
Paul Pinto
Lucas Steele
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