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Paul Simon 2018 Tour

Paul Simon will tour in 2018 in support of his thirteenth studio album, Stranger to Stranger, his first in several years. He is touring throughout June in cities across the country. 

Don't miss this exclusive concert when Paul Simon visits a city near you for a show you won't soon forget. On upcoming Paul Simon tour dates you can hear famous tracks like "You Can Call Me Al," "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" and new songs off the Stranger to Stranger album from this legendary Grammy award-winner! Check out Paul Simon's schedule, pick out your seats and buy your tickets today!

About Paul Simon

Famed singer-songwriter Paul Simon is an American institution. Co-founder of the internationally renowned duo Simon and Garfunkel and celebrated solo recording artist, Paul Simon’s hits are woven into the fabric of pop culture. Simon’s songwriting has been immortalized in soundtracks to film classics, from The Graduate to Old School to Watchmen. Paul Simon even appeared in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall as record producer Tony Lacey and Simon and Garfunkel’s America plays a part in the plotline of Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical love note to rock and roll, Almost Famous.

Paul Simon’s popularity as a solo artist skyrocketed with the release of Graceland, a South African and Zulu-folk influenced album that introduced the hit singles "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes," "The Boy in the Bubble," and "You Can Call Me Al" and its unforgettable video featuring Chevy Chase.

After five decades of chart-topping success and explorations in world music, Paul Simon is still stretching his creative boundaries. His bluegrass and gospel-tinged record So Beautiful or So What delves into themes surrounding spirituality and showcases Indian and bluegrass musicians, a sermon from the 1940's and an up close and personal club tour. Always genre-busting, Paul Simon continues to churn out great work. His latest album Stranger to Stranger dropped in 2016. 

Paul Simon Discography

The Paul Simon Songbook (1965)

Paul Simon (1972)

There Goes Rhymin' Simon (1973)

Still Crazy After All These Years (1975)

One-Trick Pony (1980)

Hearts and Bones (1983)

Graceland (1986)

The Rhythm of the Saints (1990)

Songs from The Capeman (1997)

You're the One (2000)

Surprise (2006)

So Beautiful or So What (2011)

Stranger to Stranger (2016)

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