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St. James Theatre
246 West 44th St (Between 7th and 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10036

About Something Rotten

Something Rotten is a mix of two completely different worlds: current day Broadway and 16th century Shakespearean England. It is a musical that is humorous and endearing, creating a smile-inducing production that will have you laughing for the rest of the night. Playwrights Nick and Nigel Bottom follow a soothsayer's prediction of the "next big thing," attempting to outdo Renaissance legend William Shakespeare. The brothers write the first musical, and the rest is, well, history. It's a quirky, fun, lighthearted play on Shakespeare's tremendous success with a focus on "the other playwrights" of the time. What about the other guys? Get transported back into time and follow the Bottom brothers on their journey to win over the London theater circuit. The musical is closing on Broadway on New Years Day, but catch it before then or look out for a possible tour in 2017!

Run Time

2 hrs 20 minutes with one intermission 

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