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From the amazing creative minds behind Cirque du Soleil comes Zarkana, what creator Francois Girard calls an "acrobatic rock opera." Zarkana is the story of a magician named Zark who, in an abandoned theater stalled in time for 80 years, is on a quest to recover his love, and with her, his powers. Danger lurks around every corner as wildly imagined monsters (twisted snakes, plants, spiders, and other nasty creatures) threaten to stop him dead in his tracks. The beautifully realized environments are as diverse and awe-inspiring as the wildest of dreams, and the inhabitants of this surreal realm fill the sky with their otherworldly physicality. The original live music performances and stunning, interactive multimedia effects transport this show, and the audience, to a space of where the impossible is commonplace and the odd is ordinary. Don't wait any longer to get your Zarkana tickets for an "irresistibly odd escape."

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