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About the Show:

Billy Elliot is nothing short of a musical theatre phenomenon. With music by the legendary Elton John and lyrics and book by Lee Hall, who wrote the successful 2000 film's screenplay, it has soared to the top of the theatre world. Its 2005 London premiere earned it 9 Olivier Award nominations and 3 wins, and its 2008 Broadway opening garnered a whopping 15 nominations and 10 wins. The critical praise and audience response has been so immense that productions have opened in Sydney, Melbourne, and Seoul, and the show has launched a US tour.

Billy Elliot is fairly dark due to its concentration on the strife of the mining community and the discrimination against Billy's dancing dreams, but there are also plenty of heartwarming and inspiring moments. The memorable characters really light up the stage, including the spunky and determined Billy, Billy's odd yet sweet grandma, and the fiesty and blunt Mrs. Wilkinson. The score is varied, featuring touching ballads and energetic, upbeat songs. But Billy Elliot's crowning achievement is its outstanding choreography and the unbelievable talent of the entire cast, especially the boys who play the title role. You will be on your feet cheering for them as they dazzle with a performance that has truly raised the bar. Don't wait any longer to see this mind-blowing spectacle of a show; check the Billy Elliot schedule and get your tickets today!

Plot Synopsis:

During the 1984-85 coal miners' strike, 11-year-old Billy Elliot lives in northeast England's County Durham with his father, his brother, Tony, and his eccentric grandmother. The family has been struggling to get by after the passing of Billy's mother and the recent economic downturn's stranglehold on the community. One day, Billy accidentally finds his way from boxing practice into a girls' ballet class, run by Mrs. Wilkinson. Finding himself strangely attracted to the beauty of dance, Billy secretly continues to attend the classes while his father and brother strike and clash with the police. Once Billy's father finds out about Billy's secret dance classes, he is outraged that his son has been both lying and dancing, which he looks down on as unmasculine, and forbids him to continue. Mrs. Wilkinson, who sees real promise in Billy, begins to give him secret, private lessons in the hopes that he would eventually audition for the Royal Ballet. Meanwhile, Billy's best friend, Michael, is beginning to understand his homosexuality, and he reaches out to Billy to discuss the restrictive nature of their working-class society. When the day of the Royal Ballet audition finally comes and Mrs. Wilkinson arrives to pick Billy up, she is forced to come clean about the secret lessons. Billy's father and brother, incensed, begin to push Billy around and embarrass him in front of the community. Devastated and enraged by this ridicule, Billy abandons the audition and vows to stop dancing altogether. But Billy's passion for dance is too strong to give up on forever, and the judgmental nature of his community is beginning to make strides toward tolerance and acceptance, as is his father. There might yet be hope for Billy's dream to come true. Get your Billy Elliot tickets right now to see this inspiring story play out.

Run Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes with one intermission. Advisory: Recommended for children 8 and up (some strong language and violence). Awards: 2006 Olivier Awards: 9 nominations, 3 wins 2009 Tony Awards: 15 nominations, 10 wins 2009 Drama Desk Awards: 10 nominations, 10 wins and many more... Creative Team: Music Elton John Book and Lyrics Lee Hall Billy Elliot News: November 13, 2008 Following previews from October 1, Billy Elliot opened at Broadway's Imperial Theatre! May 11, 2005 Following previews since March 31, Billy Elliot opened at London's Victoria Palace Theatre!
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