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Rockettes Tickets

The Rockettes are an American icon, having been an American staple since their humble beginnings. Their faces have changed as often as their costumes, but one things for sure, Radio City Rockettes tickets will always be a testament to the timelessness of their appeal. Though most famous for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular during the holiday season, the troupe is now on tour, and you can purchase cheap Rockettes tickets right here to see the Rockettes Boston and other venues!

About the Rockettes

Since they were founded in 1925, the Rockettes continue to delight audiences with the optical illusion of dancing in sync. Placing the tallest woman in the center and descending to the shortest on each end, the impression of uniformity is created. The women can be no shorter than 5'6", no taller than 5'10" - this strict adherence to standards are what makes a Rockettes show so unique. Becoming part of a tradition as American as a slice of apple pie is tough, the grueling dance schedule and performances, which can number up to three-a-day during the holiday season, mean plenty of discipline for these ladies.

Over the years there have been adjustments to the performance on many levels. Up until 1979, the Rockettes were only a short act between movie showings, audiences weren't vying for Radio City Rockettes tickets back then. The troupe has transformed from a short intermission with 16 dancers to a full-fledged 90-minute act with 36 talented dancers.

The show itself has received new additions over the years, two new acts in 1999 still get rave reviews. Currently, Radio City Rockettes tickets come with 3D glasses so patrons can take a Santa's-sleigh view of the city during the opening act. Some of the most notable differences have been in the costumes: Not only has the number of times the dancers change during a performance increased (up to eight with only 80 seconds available at times), but the design has become more stream-lined and eye-catching.

The costumes and sets may have changed over the years, but the magic in their performance is as present as it was in 1925. With Radio City Rockettes tickets, audiences are offered an opportunity to witness a slice of American performance history - it doesn't get any better than this!

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