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Larry the Cable Guy Tickets. Happier than a Tornado in a Trailer Park Larry the Cable Guy has made a great name for himself as the wildly comical blue-collar comedian that tells it like it is then shuffles off for a donut to chew on and reflect on the way the world is changing. Larry the Cable Guy tickets will have you giggling like a loon, as this hilarious fellow in the too-low pants sits down and gives you the not-so-skinny on how people are. Larry the Cable Guy tickets are awesome. Daniel Whitney, one of the original Blue Collar Comedians, has literally made a living from his depiction of the southern working-class chucklehead, who thinks he always has it right but might be slightly askew in his conclusions. Larry's delivery is timing-perfect, and his facial expression, which some say never changes, is enough to send you silly with laughter. When you buy Larry the Cable Guy tickets you'll see both aspects of this routine - one is the cable guy character, and the other is the Daniel Whitney that knows he is making big money from his exploits, and occasionally allows the audience into his "real" thoughts, which are just as funny as his Cable Guy thoughts, if a lot more subtle. Buy Larry the Cable Guy tickets and laugh your head loose. Don't miss it, or you'll be madder than a Republican at a hybrid car factory, that's how mad you'll be right thur!

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