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Brad Paisley Tour Schedule 

Get into your "Southern Comfort Zone" on Brad Paisley tour dates for his latest album!

Brad Paisley Wins CMA International Artist Achievement Award

Standing tall in a long line of Country music's great storytellers, Brad Paisley has a special knack for telling the story with a twist that usually ends in a joke and has made him a favorite of fans everywhere. Literally everywhere. Paisley was recently awarded the CMA International Artist Achievement Award at the the 2012 CMA Festival. With fans on every continent and a long list of Country music awards, Paisley is reaching out to a new audience with his first book, Diary of a Player!

About Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley tickets propel the fortunate country music fan into the heart of a multi-talented American musician. Paisley delivers the goods live on the strength of his vocal talent, unique guitar skills and awesome penmanship. It is this songwriting ability that has led to him becoming one of the top sellers in the country genre. Paisley gave free rein to his array of musical talents on his American Saturday Night album. It seems that with that album, Paisley finally arrived. If you're a fan of real country with a modern pop twist and some traditional Nashville guitar work, then Brad Paisley is the sound for you.

The Brad Paisley American Saturday Night tour earned Paisley the best reviews of his life from a jaded press eager for an original voice. Paisley has said of this album and tour, "I really didn't hold back," he said. "I talk about some really personal stuff in my life. It felt like that was the new frontier for me." It is this blend of honesty and accomplishment that has made Brad Paisley one of country's leading musicans this past few years. Pizza delivery guys and presidents can both relate to him, and this means a huge fan base.

Paisley has much to be happy about right now, following the latest addition to the family in the form of Jasper Warren Paisley, his new-born son. Always a big family man, Brad penned his recent ballad "Then" in honor of his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Most notably, this ode to love became Paisley's 10th Number One Country hit. American Saturday Night marks a departure from Paisley's previous creative stance. The album focuses on more substantial issues, such as the American economy and state of the art technology. Gone is the role playing and method acting for which Paisley was recognized in earler works. This time around he is talking straight, about his personal life, the state of the nation, and society's place in this modern era. On top of that, Brad has co-hosted the CMA awards with none other than Carrie Underwood! Imagine that pairing. The two were reigning Male and Female Vocalists respectively.

Paisley had the distinguished honor of playing before President Barack Obama when the First Family, Congressmen and women and White House staff were treated to a night of country. Rock stars Alison Krauss and Charley Pride accompanied Paisley during the July 21 performance in which Paisley joked with President Obama about what he was doing on Election Day.

Brad Paisley Discography

Who Needs Pictures (1999)

Part II (2001)

Mud on the Tires (2003)

Time Well Wasted (2005)

Brad Paisley Christmas (2006)

5th Gear (2007)

Play (2008)

American Saturday Night (2009)

This Is Country Music (2011)

Wheelhouse (2013)

Moonshine in the Trunk (2014)

Love and War (2017)

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