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Clay Walker Tickets: Texas, Country-Style

Born in Texas and possessed of a big heart and a great Country spirit, Clay Walker is the Country singer turned charity concert performer who chose to help fight multiple sclerosis after being diagnosed with the disease himself over 10 years. Clay Walker concert tickets are today some of the best Country concert tickets you can buy. The artist hit platinum with his first four albums - an amazing achievement - and Clay Walker tickets became some of Country's most sought-after of all tickets.

Walker's great talent was recognized when he was aged just 16, after he handed a tape he'd made into a local radio station and the DJ was impressed enough to play it. The young Walker went from strength to strength and before long he'd not only released his first compilation album, but had actually recorded "Football Time in Houston", which became the official fight song for the Houston Texans NFL team, which they continue to use till the present day.

Tickets to Clay Walker concerts will always sell quick, as his unmistakable sound is one that Country Music fans love, and it has a broad appeal to many different types of music fans beyond Country, too. Buy Clay Walker tickets and enjoy this powerful Country star who has bounced back from a serious illness to re-conquer the world once again.

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