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Tool Tour Schedule

The alternative rock band is back on tour, and they sound better than ever! Be there in person to hear the California rockers rip through "Schism," "Jambi," and your other favorite Tool songs! Don't miss out on your chance to see Tool -- buy your tickets today!

They are touring for select dates in 2017 including Sunday night of Boston Calling in addition to Governors Ball. Individual headlining shows include two in Canada (Montreal, Quebec and Hamilton, Ontario), Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Pittsburgh, PA; Rochester, NY; Bangor, ME; and Fairfax, VA

About Tool

The members of Tool met in the late 80's when vocalist Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Adam Jones formed a duo after a particularly constructive jam session. Drummer Danny Carey and bassist Paul D'Amour were introduced to the rock hopeful and the Los Angeles band was formed. Tool was signed by Zoo Entertainment shortly after formation, and their second EP, Opiate, was released. Lacking the progressive rock formula of previous Tool work, Opiate received positive responses. However, Tool fans who bought Tool Tickets during their earlier years had no idea what was in store.

Tool released their first full-length, studio album, Undertow, in 1993. Much more experimental than their previous work, the band opted for a heavier sound. After releasing the controversial music video for their single, "Prison Sex", (which was banned by MTV shortly after), Tool tickets went on sale for a Tool tour including the Rollins Band, Fishbone and Rage Against the Machine. The album was also removed from department store shelves due to the graphic nature of its liner notes, the band responded by re-releasing the album with a white background and a large barcode printed on it. Another reason why fans love Tool- the members of Tool love to make statements; this is even more evident at Tool concerts.

Tool's second album, Aenima, which saw the replacement of original band member Paul d'Amour by Justin Chancellor, took its name from the term for the soul given by psychoanalyst Carl Jung (anima) and enema - meaning a cleansing, or catharsis of the soul. The release of the album's first track, "Stinkfist", caused yet another negative reaction from the media, and MTV and radio programmers renamed the tune "Track #1", much to the chagrin of the band and various media champions of free expression. When fans bought Tool Tickets for the following Tool tour in 1997, Tool would play an extended version including lyrics from the Elvis song "Suspicious Minds."

Tool tickets and Tool tours would be suspended for the next couple of years as Tool broke contract with Volcano Entertainment. Zoo Entertainment was taken over by Volcano and Tool decided not to sign, as a result Volcano sued and the issue was settled out of court. With a new agreement in hand, the much delayed Lateralus was released in 2001. The album debuted at number one on Billboard charts and Rolling Stone gave the album 4 stars stating -"But the L.A.-based Tool - guitarist Adam Jones, vocalist Maynard James Keenan (back from his other band, A Perfect Circle), drummer Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor - are obsessed with weight, the cumulative force of muscle, imagination and immaculately wrought suspense. Tool have everything it takes to beat you senseless; they proved it on 1993's Undertow and their 1996 Grammy-winning beast, Aenima. Here, Tool go to extravagant lengths to drown you in sensation." Tool tickets would go on sale for a following Tool tour and provide fans with something to gawk at- true to Tool fashion, the group had evolved toward an art-rock style of performance.

Lateralus was followed by 10,000 Days Released in 2006, the album itself was the subject of more controversy when it was leaked to radio stations and consumers two weeks before its release. When it was officially released, the album debuted at the number one spot despite the "less favorable" position that critics took. Tool tickets, once again, we're hotter than Pearl Jam and Tool began their Tool tour at the Coachella Music Festival. Tool would later go on to win the Best Recording Package Grammy Award for 10,000 Days

Tool has gone on to become one of the most enigmatic American rock-art outfits in many years and Tool tickets only guarantee that artistic intensity live. Tool has created a common ground with both metal bands and the artistic ground can melt into one happy group. If anything, Tool tickets are passes to a fantasy world filled with the unique creatures we've grown to know and love. From outlandish stage performances right down to their unique lyrics, Tool is a band like no other. Buy Tool tickets and experience the sheer intensity of creativity live!

Genre: Heavy Metal / Progressive Rock
Band Members: Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan.
Similar to: Nine Inch Nails, the Melvins, Alice in Chains
Fun Fact: Tool have described their original musical blend of rock 'n' roll, folk-metal, and rap as "Munge"
Official Website: http://www.toolband.com/ 

Tool Discography

Undertow (1993)

Ænima (1996)

Lateralus (2001)

10,000 Days (2006)

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