Magic Shows

      Magic shows have come a long way since Harry Houdini dazzled audiences with his death-defying escapes, drawing crowds from all corners of the earth to witness the illusionary arts and learn the trade themselves. Houdini served as the inspiring grandfather of the fantastical art, which now includes household names such as David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone, Penn and Teller, and Siegfried and Roy. Even today, with Wicked and Matilda tickets selling millions and characters like Harry Potter and Gandalf dominating popular culture, magic shows in its original theatrical form are still practiced. Modern magicians like Criss Angel have upped their game, and magic show tickets, especially Las Vegas magic show tickets, offered today promise more spellbinding magic show mystique than ever before.

      Las Vegas Magic Tickets

      Artists like David Blaine have paid homage to their predecessors and brought magic shows into the 21st century by performing prestidigitation and contortions that leave audiences dumbstruck, combining the classic awe factor of stage tricks with the suspenseful daredevil tendencies. The only way to experience the full spectrum of magic shows is to see them live. After all, seeing is believing. Ticket Liquidator provides access to magic show tickets for all Las Vegas magic shows. These performers are the best of the best.

      The Mentalist Tickets – While many like to reduce magic show acts to parlor tricks, hypnotists take a different tack. There is a true science to reducing the barriers of someone’s psyche and gaining access. One of the best in the business is The Mentalist, showing at the V Theater Upstairs. The show stars Gerry McCambridge, an expert at the art of observation, memory and interrogation. Be astounded by the comedy and accuracy of this mind reader who was recently named the “Best Magician in Las Vegas.”

      Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Tickets – The hypnotist is the ultimate casting agent. They select the stars of their magic shows, picking and choosing directly from their audience so you can see one of the funniest shows in Vegas or become part of the joke. The spotlight turns on chosen audience members as Marc Savard takes them on a comedic journey through hypnotic suggestions. There is only one requirement – you must be willing to have fun!

      Penn & Teller Tickets - Using a surefire formula for comedy, Penn & Teller - the raconteur and his silent partner - have been entertaining audiences for 40+ years, and you can get tickets to see the two most brilliant minds in magic shoot bullets at each other and catch them in their teeth. No, really! The famous illusionists have become a staple of American culture and perform regularly at The Rio.

      Anthony Cools Tickets - Called the "King of Sociability," Anthony Cools promotes "good clean dirty fun," according to his official website. These hypnotism tickets are for those who love to laugh and don’t mind being the center of attention! As the longest running hypnotist show in Vegas, Anthony Cools magic show tickets are perfect for a date night at the romantic Paris Las Vegas resort.

      David Copperfield Tickets – The name Copperfield is synonymous with magic itself. One of the most popular and highly regarded magicians in the biz, David Copperfield tickets are some of the most sought after Vegas magic show tickets around. Copperfield has won 20 Emmy awards and holds 11 Guinness World Records, and you can see him live at the Hollywood Theater right now.

      Mac King Comedy Magic Show Tickets - You can't go wrong with Mac King Comedy tickets. As one of the top five Vegas shows of the past decade, Mac King's family-friendly show is perfect for young and old alike. He will leave you in stitches by the end of the night, so get your magic show tickets today for entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

      Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Tickets - Action-packed and full of that Vegas charm, Nathan Burton makes Las Vegas magic fun. See showgirls and stage tricks galore right inside the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino.

      Magic shows aren't just for kids anymore, the fact that they are a predominant feature of Vegas is unmistakable proof. Seeing magic in Las Vegas is as essential as eating barbecue in Nashville and surfing in Hawaii. You can take part in the fun with a date, some friends or the whole family. Check out our great selection of cheap magic show tickets, get yours today and cloak yourself in the fog of a magic show.

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