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Queen Bey's Ascension to the Throne

February 9, 2016
Beyoncé’s performance at Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show was just a taste of what she has in store for 2016! Beyoncé announced she will being hitting the road and will embark on the Formation World Tour that kicks-off April 27 in Miami, FL at the Marlins Ballpark. [Read more]

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Better Belieb It

November 17, 2015
Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is here to stay! Don't Belieb it? After a 3-year hiatus, Justin recently became the youngest male artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "What Do You Mean." Coupled with a No. 1 album (Purpose) and ticket sales through the roof, it's safe to say Bieber Fever is alive and well. [Read more]

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As you probably already know, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy this week. Like his failed MLB opening pitch, Curtis Jackson has also failed his latest entrepreneurial attempt. [Read more]

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5 Tips for Going to Shows Solo

July 10, 2015
Ever want to see a band and your friends didn't want to go? Well, you should go anyway. Here's 5 tips on maximizing your solo experience at a concert. [Read more]

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1.) DeflateGate - I work in an office full of Patriots fans, so this is a touchy subject, but I know if the Pats had lost the Super Bowl and it just so happened that the Seahawks had, er, bent the rules during said game, my coworkers would be quick to point an accusatory finger at Seattle. Some think Brady is a fraud, some think he's brilliant -- either way, an investigation the size of massive political malfeasance over sporting equipment seems a bit asinine to me. I understand, people take the... [Read more]

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Just let me wallow in my heartache for a few days! We’ve all been there -- that one relationship that was seemingly impossible to get over -- it felt like the end of the world. Then, after some time passes and you move on, you look back and laugh at how hopeless you thought you were. Or maybe breakups are a breeze for you -- been there, done that, onto the next. Not worth crying over spilt milk. Ya live and ya learn. In any case, there’s a country song for that. It’s like, how do they know exa... [Read more]

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U2's iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour is a must-see for any hardcore, casual or new U2 fan. [Read more]

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Are You a REAL Deadhead?

June 23, 2015
The remaining members of the Grateful Dead are playing select shows this summer with Phish front man, Trey Anastasio, to bid a final "Fare Thee Well" to the iconic band. Fans from all over the country are clamoring for tickets, but the question remains, are you a true Deadhead? Find out here.

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In my other life, I write books. On my kitchen shelf, you’ll find a mug with a picture of a typewriter and the caption "Careful – you might end up in my novel." I’ve never actually sought revenge on anyone by immortalizing them in print but I understand the impulse. It’s a form of power. If someone pisses me off, I can do horrible things to them. Humiliate them, take away whatever they love most, kill them slowly and painfully, or all three. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the people mo... [Read more]

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