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NFL Wild Card Breakdown

January 5, 2016
The Playoff picture is set and it’s time to breakdown the Wild Card round matchups! [Read more]
Now that the Carolina Panthers have solidified a playoff spot, we can start talking about the undefeated season. Carolina Panthers playoff tickets are on sale now! [Read more]

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It's been a two-horse race in TL Fantasy Football, as we get ready to give away another $100 discount code. Take It Sleazy won Week 10 easily, with 133 points. Gudy2Shoes, who has been dominant this season, finished second with 118.5. Week 11 saw The Dynasty win for the third time, edging out Rally Monkey 106.62-105.12. Take it Sleazy still had a solid week, finishing fourth with 92.02 points. Snake Levine, meanwhile, had his best showing in Week 11, with a respectable 96.48 points, and a third-... [Read more]

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Gudy2Shoes Continues Winning Ways

October 21, 2014
Another week, another win for Gudy2Shoes (115.2). Though Gudy2Shoes didn't have the week's top scorer, Russel Wilson, each of his selections scored at least 10.5 points, including Aaron Rodgers' 24.2 points, and DeMarco Murray's 19.2. With the win, Gudy2Shoes is now up to $150 in discount codes -- all by playing Ticket Liquidator's free fantasy football. Eli's Sad Face (108.86), The Dinkonator (107.86) and Take It Sleazy (105.76) all finished close to Gudy2Shoes, but were undown by at least one... [Read more]

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Ticket Liquidator's JP Starkey forecasts the 2014 NFL season. [Read more]

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The Most Popular NFL Games of 2014

April 25, 2014
Ticket Liquidator's JP Starkey looks back at his predictions for the 10 most popular games of the 2014 season, comparing his predictions to data from Ticket Network's First-Day Sales report. [Read more]

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The NFL is releasing its 2014 schedule on April 23, but we already know who is playing who. Ticket Liquidator's JP Starkey looks ahead and picks out the 10 most intriguing games of 2014. [Read more]

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The Houston Texans need a quarterback, but they shouldn't draft one with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. [Read more]

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Girl's game. Totally. The beautiful game they call football is coming back to the US for the 2014 International Champions Cup! Some of the world's top prancers will be on show for this strange contest, strutting like demented peacocks high on their own glandular secretions. Soccer has never been a major draw in America, but that is probably due to the quality of the domestic leagues. When the big guns come to town, everyone and his yankee poodle wants to go see what the fuss is about. And by "... [Read more]
When I'm asked whether I want to have a party for the Big Game, I'm usually pretty torn. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, and I sure enjoy eating, but I would almost rather watch nothing than have football on the TV. I don't actively dislike football--I just don't care. The more I think about it, though, the more attractive the idea becomes. Whether or not you're into what's happening on the field, throwing a little shindig could just be in your best interest. Here's why: Why a Big ... [Read more]

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