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Now I’m not saying that I’m some kind of Nostradamus or something, since I have a pretty unpredictable track record with predictions. After all, even though I predicted that the Facebook IPO would be a train wreck, I also predicted that Peyton Manning would be signed by the New York Jets (who knew they would sign a third-string quarterback instead!) However, that didn’t stop me from making 13 predictions for this two thousand and thirteenth year after the death of Christ. From Twinkies to Lanc... [Read more]
Our friends on Wall Street are at it again. It must have been like watching a drunk at the casino who thinks things are going to turn around with one more hand. All those rubes lining up with their pocket change to buy a piece of the Facebook. Whatever it was, people were excited enough to buy wildly overvalued shares of a company that was putting out some pretty weird signals. The $1 billion Instagram purchase seemed strange at first but when GM pulled its ads from Facebook only days before... [Read more]

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Are You a Guru, a Sherpa, or a Ninja? Just a few years ago that question would have made no sense, or seemed abstract and a little crazy at best. Nowadays, thanks to all the "rock star geeks"* and "Brogrammers"** out there, if you're involved in things Webby you have to be one or the other. Or the other. Especially if you're in the SEO or social networking biz. Every social network has been relentlessly scrutinized for evidence of some kind of ROI, and every half-baked "expert" has crawled from ... [Read more]
Why does “Project Glass” sound sinister, like someone plans to give you a glass of wine with crushed glass in it? Sorry, I’ve been watching the new Game of Thrones season and it seems like everyone is always trying to assassinate someone else. Ever since Ned Stark got his head chopped off, it seems no one is safe. Of course, since Google’s motto is “Do no evil” we should not expect anything sinister from their new Star-Trek-inspired glasses that will help you see a computer in front of your r... [Read more]

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Mark Zuckerberg may be many things, but he's not daft. Or is he? It turns out the eagle-eyed commercial mastermind may have missed the boat when it comes to one of the social channels - real life. Facebook the Club is about to open, complete with the familiar Facebook font (called "Agency", which is something Ticket Liquidator has in common with the heavyweight social network) beside the door, and even more alarming is its location: the Amazon rainforest. The Facebook club is an idea hatched by ... [Read more]

The Weekly Toast 1/13/12

January 13, 2012
THIS WEEK: Memoirs from Iron City...Draper blues... • Lil Wayne will release a memoir of his time in protective custody at Riker’s Island titled Gone Till November. Described as an internal monologue, Wayne’s personal diaries document his time on the inside without the sizzurp. • The Velvet Underground sued the Andy Warhol Foundation for licensing the iconic banana image Warhol designed for their first album. • For $40 a month or $500 for lifetime use, Appifier can turn ... [Read more]

Ice Cream Sandwich and Moonfruit

October 19, 2011
The technology gods produced a veritable geek-smorgasbord this week. Not only did Google announce its Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0 update, but Moonfruit partnered with PayPal to launch its super easy-to-use Shopbuilder tool for web, mobile and social media platforms. Moonfruit’s software allows people who don’t even know what a computer is to build slick storefronts that integrate seamlessly into Facebook and mobile, a big improvement over anything that already exists. Google de... [Read more]

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Facebook Strikes Back

July 5, 2011
While Google+ is building anticipation in its invitation only “Field Trial,” Facebook took the opportunity to launch versions of a few of the game-changing products introduced by Google+ including video calling and group chat. Facebook partnered with Microsoft-owned Skype to deliver the video chat feature, expanding Microsoft’s foothold in social media. Facebook’s video chat doesn’t support a group call like Google+’s Hangouts, and the group chat doesn’t... [Read more]

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