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1.) Get some comfy sweaters – Sweaters are necessary as the temperatures start to drop. Whether you rejoice in their versatility or denounce them for their abuse by hipsters, sweaters are undeniably useful. So, do some shopping. Thrift stores are great for both traditional and eccentric finds. Grab some pullovers every color of the rainbow for work; for those of you rocking the Cosby sweater this fall, more power to you. 2.) Read Gothic literature – Classics like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and ... [Read more]

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(1) You get to have fun in rehearsals. Rehearsal can be really fun, but after a while, it can wear on you. There are often a lot of late nights, especially during "Hell Week" (or Tech week, the week before opening). And ask any actor how many times they've said "I can't; I have rehearsal." (2) You get to show off. Performing for a live audience is an incredibly energizing experience, but beware of stage fright. Some tricks: don't look any audience member directly in the face; pretend you're stil... [Read more]

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