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This week came with a very sad announcement: Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show. Rest assured, I'm sure he will find a more than adequate replacement. If you've never been a part of his live studio audience, then I highly recommend doing so before it's too late. It's free after all, and, if nothing else, is an excuse to take a sick day and romp around NYC. For more live comedy events, check out the following comedians who are touring the country soon: Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Bi... [Read more]
For all those independent spirits out there who'd rather read about the St. Valentine's Day Massacre than partake in candy grams and love letters on February 14, here's an anti-relationship playlist to soundtrack your day. 1.) Die, Die My Darling – Misfits 2.) Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson 3.) Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails 4.) Wave of Mutilation – Pixies 5.) Gold Guns Girls – Metric 6.) Hate Love Songs – Gwar 7.) Corduroy – Pearl Jam 8.) Pretty Girls Make Graves – The Smiths 9.) All Apolog... [Read more]

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span.source {font-size:.8em;} You hear them at karaoke bars, on mixed tapes, and on the easy listening stations. They're burned into your mind, which is sometimes annoying and sometimes perfect. Classic love songs can be grating when you're not in the mood, but when you're feeling sentimental, they're just what you need. So if you're on a date, it's your anniversary, or you're trying to impress your valentine, maybe give one of these tried and true songs a try. You won't get any points for ori... [Read more]
Valentine's Day is upon us, and lovers everywhere are looking for the perfect date night. A show is a great addition to any night out, and with so many to choose from, there's a good fit for every couple. Cozy up next to each other and get ready to laugh, cry, and marvel at a live spectacle of your choice. Are you into dramatic plays or lighthearted musicals? Dance or acrobatics? Classic stories or quirky tales? Take your pick from this list and make this Valentine's Day one to remember. (1) Ma... [Read more]

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